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Thursday, August 31, 2006

On to the final battle

The battle with the imp was very short. It tried to turn into this big thing and scare me I blasted it and recovered the spear. At this moment this strange fog formed all around.

Gaia comes out of the mist With all these soldiers. Then the weirdest thing happened. This dove flies buy and the voice says " The time is now." I take the Spear and almost like a robot, I stab Maggie's body in the side.
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This white light formed around her. I could sense someone's Someone completely pure. At this moment vegeta appears behind me . " What the Hell?"

" it looks like Gaia,s being judged by a higher power. Now."

" Whatever Kakarot." he answers. " I stopped by and got these for the final Battle." He holds out two Potara earrings. " Where is Trunks? "

" In the middle of that." I point into the middle the battle with where Trunks is getting covered in demon warriors .

" Damn it ! Fine here take one . We're going to add our power to this battle one way or another!"

I take the earring , and put it on. Next thing I Know..... I am Vegetto! And I'm back and ready to kick armored demon ass!"

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I haven't lost my nerve.

I couldn't kill Gaia. Something told me I couldn't. I;ve been hearing voices and, sensing odd ki's . They told me that when I see a dove I must piece Maggie's side. With a spear. I know what she did with the Henchman was wrong, but she didn't deserve to die like that.

But when I had a chance to stop the killing the voice told me " no." it I've never heared such cursing in my life from The Hench man. I guess I deserve it, I could be losing my mind. Or something .

Wait the voice has come back again.

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Son Goku recover the Spear of Destiny before it's too late.

I start looking everywhere for the spear. I run around a, and can't find it any where until I see this weird thing .

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" Hey you! " I yell at it . " Hand over that spear!"

" It snarls at me. " The saiyan that lost his nerve? I do not take demands from you."

" Alright freako!" I challenge. " Your about to see how that I haven't lost my nerve! In fact your about to see my fist meet your face!"Free Image Hosting -

Friday, August 25, 2006


Ok Yeah Chichi was sore. About my long absence. Until she noticed I wasn't arguing with her. " Goku ? What's wrong? "

" I failed ." I answer . Because of me that Zebb guy is dead, and Noel is in the medic bay . I have no idea if she's going to make it or not! And now I have to lead these heroes , and I no longer have confidence in myself! I hope Maggie gets back soon ! I just can't do this right now!"

My wife looks surprised.

" Goku you can't blame yourself for this mess. The Noel and Zebb thing from what You've told me of it was this Klooddo's fault ."

I just look at her. " It's not just that Maggie wants me to stop Vegeta if he tries to kill Gaia. You should have seen what's she's done to London! If I waste my time fighting Vegeta she could kill more people whether if she's innocent or not I can't let that happen."

" So what do you want do? " Chi chi asks.

I should ask Maggie if she has a clue on how to beat Gaia without killing her if she does I'll stand against Veg ."

I teleport to her ki and find her making love to Henchman ! Now Henchman I don't fault for this , I mean he has no one , and he's a bad guy. But Maggie just betrayed Professor X!

I had faith she had some clue in what she was doing. I But she doesn't even know how to operate her own Life for some reason I had teleported To vegeta's place to tell him this .

The oddest thing happened Vegeta seemed to laugh at about it. Like all the hate built up for her over the last few day went away. It was Bulma who told me why Henchman and Maggie is somewhat like their relationship.

It still bug me though. Bulma's an ordinary person. Maggie is supposed to be a hero,and try to inspire people to be better . Not just give in to any urges just because you " feel bad."

All this was running through my head while my granddaughter was staring at some boy in a machine. Then I remembered the people who were killed in London> And worse those who turned into zombies.

I can't let this keep on. What's worse is I know what Gaia intends to do, wipe out everyone. The whole planet can't be sacrificed to try and save one innocent, corrupted , traumatized or not. How is she any different from Brolly, Frieza, anyone else?

All villains have their excuses for why they do what they do. Only a few I've met own up to the fact that do the things they did, because they wanted too.
And Vegeta's one of them.

That helped me make the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my life. " Vegeta, I know how powerful Gaia is, and I know how powerful you are at SS5. Plus You said the Henchman will help you?'

" Yes Kakarot. There would be no profit for him in it Besides if what you tell me is true he has something to fight for."

" OK I won't try to stop you. Do what you have to make this slaughter end."

he seemed surprised. But then said. " At that level, I would probaly beat her, an d the extra pwer Henchman brings along will help. The good thing is either way my ki will burn out , before I become the threat Gaia is."

" Good and if you fail I may have to finish the job." The words were bitter tasting coming out of my mouth.

And now Because Pantha Thinks it's funny, a meme.

1. Grab the nearest book. 2. Open the book to page 123. 3. Find the fifth sentence. 4. Post the text of it and the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions. 5. Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest. 6. Tag three people."

The closest book is a Magna about my childhood. Dragonball volumeWhat WHat Power Him? My Crone of a sister wouldn't have so much confidence in him if he wasn't a master. Your kidding he doesn't look much like a master.

I don't tag people so that's it then .

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The rescue

It got a little old, fighting a bunch of armored losers with guns . Every time I'm ask them to give up Noel, so they won't be hurt . They just shoot at me. So I have to knock them out.

Well at some point . Some guy comes out And Yells " He's one man ! Why haven't you incompetent dolts killed him yet?"

They pile on me. It was getting hard to breathe. So I unleash A ki field . They all fly away in different directions. They're leader 's eyes. Get all wide And he says " Your some kind of monster!"

" From what I've been hearing you guys are the monsters! Now do you want to get beat up or will you tell me where your prisoners are? "

He runs from me. Man! This is just getting silly! Oh well I walk a little ways following people's life signatures , hoping to just bump into Noel And Zebb. Then these cool androids pop up.

I'm about to get ready to fight them when the ship shakes. I guess someone's attacking it but I lose my footing. The Droids blast me. I jump up and down going "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Ok Now I'm ticked! I Head butt one It breaks but it hurts my head. I catch another one with a round house kick that slams it in to another one . They both blow up. The last one is fast

It leaps off of walls .And it has this knife arm that cuts me . Ok I keep watching and realize it's jumping around in a pattern . I dodge it, It's next time around Then fire a kamehameha.

I hit some blue glowing thing. I guess that was importent to the ship , because it started to tilt. Well I used this. I crushed a robot and Skated on it until, Then All of the sudden The ship rights itself knocking me into a wall. I my head hurts

After seeing stars for a few minutes. I get up I saw that I went though the wall. More guards swarmed me. After hitting a few of them I Watch them run itno this room. I fllow them and see as they jump into Space pods. I let them get away.

I'm getting frustrated. I run around the ship. It feels like I;ve been running around in circles for hours . The finally I see these people fighting with these guards.

I Punch one into a bulkhead. Some of the others must have already fought me because they run away. I look at the cat cyborg lady. " Hey I'm Son Goku, but call me Goku. Who are you? "

" I'm Noel." Finally!

" I tell her " I'm here to rescue you. And Um is Zebb here?"

" I'm Zebb." Challenges this tough looking dude. " How are we supposed to know this isn't a trap? "

" This teenage boy who was standing by this Teen girl interrupts . " He doesn't work here. In fact I don't think I've ever seen anything like him before in my life."

" Heh!" I answer. " I'm from another Galaxy. And look out !"

" More of those guards and droids show up. In the confusion . I;m not sure what happened but I knocked out all the bad guys and destroyed the robots, I turn and see Zebb somehow got shot. He was already pretty hurt.

Noel was cradling him I put my hand on her shoulder. " What are you...? " She asks.

I stop her " Get your friends to hold on to my shoulders. I need you guys to be close so I can teleport you outta here."

" That's Crazy !" Said the other human looking girl.

"Look I can do it just hold on to your boyfriend, And you sir put your hand on my shoulder. Miss Noel hold on to him." I glance at Zebb. We disappear and reapperar in Sky City.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And now Action! Woo Hoo!

So here I am sitting and eating when the Holg Droid comes up to me. I don't know what to call it I mean vampi keeps saying it's a " she" While it says it's a "he" So I've just been calling him " Holg."

Well any way it comes up to me while I'm eating and says. " Mr Goku may I speak with you?"

" What's with the Mister stuff? Just call me Goku."

" Ok Well Noel's been found she's on a ship orbiting Endor."

" You mean the planet with the Teddy bear thingies?" I ask.

" Ewoks. Not teddy bear.... Never mind . Yes that one."

" Cool! You sent me there before with vampi remember? I'll go right now ! Woo Hoo! I'm about to see some fighting! Yeah baby!"

everyone in the place looks at me.

" Heehheehehehe! Well um later!" I teleport to Endor avoiding the Ewoks. After I talked to some of'em they didn't seem so bad, but still, I dunno they're weird. Any way I 'port into the ship after sensing they're ki.

All these soldier types look at me. " How did he get in here? " Asks one .

" Alright guys.I'm going to say this once. Where's Noel and Zebb?' tell me and no one gets hurt!"

They laugh at me " He's some kind of comedian, Kill him!"

They shoot me and I knock the energy beams away. I love how hen you put up a ki shield it doesn't hurt your hands. I then kick one of them His helmet breaks. I Punch another. Back hand another through a wall. And the last one I knee in the face . Look like I'll have to fight my way through to Find Noel and Zebb. Cool!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


All righty I'm not sure But we may have a lead on this Kloddo Mortaniss guy. Maybe. Well any way I hope it's true and just idle chatter from the clones . For one thing I Know Chi chi must be fuming by now . Another is Darth vader has been weird. Well weirder than usual .

I think he has a crush on someone. Not sure who but he keeps talking about Bright red hair . Oh well You see he decided for his crush that he was going to try out a new look I think he may have went to the wrong planet for that.

If he wanted less scary well he got it, the problem is he Went to far over to um uncool. It's just that well it doesn't really say " Sith." it more like says. Well I'm not really sure what it says but well here it is.

I hope she's worth it Darth , and that you keep not knowing that my cell phone has a camera in it .


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shopping trip with Vader and the gang.

Ok the food here in sky city is good, but I really wanted some doritos. The cooks here have never heard of them before. So I went back to Earth, the military here was bored and A couple of them came with me .

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I could tell this wasn't going to go well. Look what the Storm troopers went to buy first!
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Yeah I'm beginning to think working for the Empire is hard, and it gives Troopers a drinking problem . Look at this one . Free Image Hosting -

He kept calling it his precious. I truly think Darth Vader was the most disruptive. Look at this!Free Image Hosting -

It was funny the first time , but after the 5th time it got old. I also feel really sorry for that clone there. Then there was " the incident"

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Poor guy was never seen again. I was glad to leave there. On the bad side these guys totally embarrassed me . On the good side I have a capsule full of Doritos in every flavor !!! So I won't have to go back for a while .
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