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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pan: Stupid non sharing Jason Todd.

I had this great idea... yeah I know I'm having a fling with Draculina, but there's just something about Vella. Maybe its blue hair... or the fact she's saiyanor that cute little giggle.

So I decided to give the former bird boy something all guys want. Yeah this idea will work. Okay time to go to Gotham... ugh I hate that city. Why would anybody live there give me Tokyo anytime.

I use Instant transmission to find him he's punching the hell out of a practice dummy. He looks up “Dear God it's the saiyan version of Tina Tequilla..."

“Who?" I ask.

“What you don't get MTV in Japan? Lucky you." he sneers. “Look you here to threaten me away from my girl well I'll have to let you take it up with the crowbar again."

"We get MTV I just don't watch it... never mind that. Have a got a deal for you. How do you like the term “sharing is caring?"

He rolls his eyes. “Someone’s been watching Sesame Street I see."

" Graah! Is all you do is watch television?" I growl.

“Look no. No sharing she's not some toy.” I see him going towards the crowbar, and this belt kind of looks a tool belt with tiny pouches on it.

“I thought all you guys liked looking at girls together." I say watching him. Get the belt on. I do not want to fight.

“Yeah when watching dirty movies yeah but it's different when it's your girlfriend. That and Vel just isn't interested."

" B..but you get in on it too. " I argue.

“No thanks one of you saiyans is enough two of you would kill me. Just get out."

What I did next was probably stupid I slap him across the room Damn it I should really think before I act. He tried to come at me with the crowbar. I blast him, and he some how leaps out of the way. He then tries to shoot me I grab the bullet, and my hand is bleeding?

It's that stupid unbreakable metal Atom Ant? I get and blow up the building ha! That'll get him. I teleport back home. Though I avoid grandma Chi Chi. She's been in a bad mood with me evreytime I see her lately.

After about an hour or so Vella shows up “Outside now!" She commands.

I was about to say something to her when she punches me in the face. “I can't believe you freak!" Oh great she's got her dads' accent coming out, And his angry “I’ll kill you Kakarot!" face going.

“What were you thinking?" She screams “I told you over and over I wasn't interested. Then you try to kill Jay? Looks just stay away from me okay! Everyone says that like you sort of snapped when your boyfriend died. Well I'm sorry but what you're doing to me is villainous behavior I was thinking of being your friend but I can't trust you with all the stuff you've pulled. I may be nice, and all but I can only push so far... And if you try to hurt Jason again I will show you that I am my father's daughter I will kill you."

Then she leaves in a green blaze. I have to think to myself am I Acing like the people dad, and grandpa fight? At this moment I feel a strong Ki Eep Dad.

“Young lady we’re going to have a long talk about your stalker like behavior."

Gah I get angry ' " I'm grown now you can't tell me what to do anymore."

“Be that way and I stop paying for that fancy college of yours, and you have to deal with Vegeta yourself from now on."



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