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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shopping trip with Vader and the gang.

Ok the food here in sky city is good, but I really wanted some doritos. The cooks here have never heard of them before. So I went back to Earth, the military here was bored and A couple of them came with me .

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I could tell this wasn't going to go well. Look what the Storm troopers went to buy first!
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Yeah I'm beginning to think working for the Empire is hard, and it gives Troopers a drinking problem . Look at this one . Free Image Hosting -

He kept calling it his precious. I truly think Darth Vader was the most disruptive. Look at this!Free Image Hosting -

It was funny the first time , but after the 5th time it got old. I also feel really sorry for that clone there. Then there was " the incident"

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Poor guy was never seen again. I was glad to leave there. On the bad side these guys totally embarrassed me . On the good side I have a capsule full of Doritos in every flavor !!! So I won't have to go back for a while .
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