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Friday, March 27, 2009

Me in the World Martial Arts tournament first round.

Man I thought I'd get a cool opponent. Instead I get this guy.

His power level is so low. He won't shut up either he's all " I'm the best there is at what I do bub, and that ain't pretty. Ya see I got a mutant healin' factor, and adamantium bones...." he kept popping his claws , and asaying bub until all I could hear was " Snikt Bub" Snikt! Bub!"

Then I realized what he was doing as soon as I started falling a sleep. he was trying to bore me to get a win. I won't let that happen. I punch him out of the ring , and go on to the next round whew! that was close.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Son Pan: Boudakai round 1

Darculina is all pissed that she got beat by the grey Hulk, so she left having a hissy fit. Me, I'm staying because a part saiyan I want to get a good fight. Too bad for me I get a regular human girl in the first match.

Oh big whoop she stopped a robbery of the the ticket stand before coming to the ring. She just stares at me, like she's reading a book or something. I decide it'd be better if I don't hurt a future saiyan princess although she doesn't have a drop of saiyan blood in her.

" Yo Cassie have I gotta a deal for you." I start.

She just answers. " no."

" But you don't know what I'm going to offer." I say.

" Yes I do ... you're going to hit on me." Wow she is perceptive.

" Well you know saiyan royalty can have a consort long with a mate.. You really have to try it with another girl. Ms. Cain hey we can even let Prince Vincent join in."

I put my arm around her shoulder. And she grunts " I don't like to be touched."

" That's not what I saw in the locker room a while ago, with Vincent."

She goes all red than throws a punch Well when she breaks her hand on my face she'll learn that was a mistake. But instead I hear a "Clang!" And everything goes black.

When I wake up I hear " TEN!" Son Pan has been knocked out the winner is Cassandra Cain!"

"What?" I protest after seeing stars. " She couldn't have hurt me... her gloves must be Adamantium! That's not fair!"

" Well neither are all of your Powers. MS. Son" The ref Shakes his head. Cassandra Cain didn't try yo kill you nor did she hit you below the belt. She broke no rules."

You have to be kidding Ugh I lost to someone with no powers. How embarrassing.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pan: Stupid non sharing Jason Todd.

I had this great idea... yeah I know I'm having a fling with Draculina, but there's just something about Vella. Maybe its blue hair... or the fact she's saiyanor that cute little giggle.

So I decided to give the former bird boy something all guys want. Yeah this idea will work. Okay time to go to Gotham... ugh I hate that city. Why would anybody live there give me Tokyo anytime.

I use Instant transmission to find him he's punching the hell out of a practice dummy. He looks up “Dear God it's the saiyan version of Tina Tequilla..."

“Who?" I ask.

“What you don't get MTV in Japan? Lucky you." he sneers. “Look you here to threaten me away from my girl well I'll have to let you take it up with the crowbar again."

"We get MTV I just don't watch it... never mind that. Have a got a deal for you. How do you like the term “sharing is caring?"

He rolls his eyes. “Someone’s been watching Sesame Street I see."

" Graah! Is all you do is watch television?" I growl.

“Look no. No sharing she's not some toy.” I see him going towards the crowbar, and this belt kind of looks a tool belt with tiny pouches on it.

“I thought all you guys liked looking at girls together." I say watching him. Get the belt on. I do not want to fight.

“Yeah when watching dirty movies yeah but it's different when it's your girlfriend. That and Vel just isn't interested."

" B..but you get in on it too. " I argue.

“No thanks one of you saiyans is enough two of you would kill me. Just get out."

What I did next was probably stupid I slap him across the room Damn it I should really think before I act. He tried to come at me with the crowbar. I blast him, and he some how leaps out of the way. He then tries to shoot me I grab the bullet, and my hand is bleeding?

It's that stupid unbreakable metal Atom Ant? I get and blow up the building ha! That'll get him. I teleport back home. Though I avoid grandma Chi Chi. She's been in a bad mood with me evreytime I see her lately.

After about an hour or so Vella shows up “Outside now!" She commands.

I was about to say something to her when she punches me in the face. “I can't believe you freak!" Oh great she's got her dads' accent coming out, And his angry “I’ll kill you Kakarot!" face going.

“What were you thinking?" She screams “I told you over and over I wasn't interested. Then you try to kill Jay? Looks just stay away from me okay! Everyone says that like you sort of snapped when your boyfriend died. Well I'm sorry but what you're doing to me is villainous behavior I was thinking of being your friend but I can't trust you with all the stuff you've pulled. I may be nice, and all but I can only push so far... And if you try to hurt Jason again I will show you that I am my father's daughter I will kill you."

Then she leaves in a green blaze. I have to think to myself am I Acing like the people dad, and grandpa fight? At this moment I feel a strong Ki Eep Dad.

“Young lady we’re going to have a long talk about your stalker like behavior."

Gah I get angry ' " I'm grown now you can't tell me what to do anymore."

“Be that way and I stop paying for that fancy college of yours, and you have to deal with Vegeta yourself from now on."


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Justice League Japan?

Sweet! I was invited to the Justice, League! Well I thought it was The JLA. But noooooo. It was apparently JLJapan. I had no freaking idea there was one here. We have teams here with funny names, like Big Hero Six or Super Young Team. Or the worst one, Happy Spandex Fun Time.

But at least his one is named well not a bad team either.

Only problems are well Sailor Moon dated Trunks, and I have to hear her complain about him all the time. I hope Mirai never visits because it wouldn't be pretty if he found there was a cyborg, and a robot here, that and Lupin the 3rd keeps stealing my wallet.

Finally we don't fight a lot of good threats, I mean fighting Godzilla, tentacle monsters, the power rangers for some reason, and ninjas gets old. Heh but I bet Vegeta isn't fighting anything all that great in California.


Damn you Darkseid!!!! You can take your Anti Life Equation and stick it! The King of all Saiyans will not bow to any man or creature that pretends to be a god! I hate the Crisis!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ya know Vegeta always laughs, at me about how mean my wife is. At least she'll have sex with me. Oh I know Vegeta wants you to believe that he and Bulma are all hot for each other, all the time. Well here's the truth. I bet you all those kids are clones because they certainly don't come from sex. Take a look at this video evidence.

Hee hee hee. I guess it could be the way he asks "WILL YOU HAVE SEX WITH ME?" I dunno know much but I do know women don't like you shouting at them. Or it could be his weird voice, maybe he has bad breath?

The whole Pantha thing is starting to make sense now.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Into the future!

Continued from here. Gohan tried to warn me off working with Bruce Briefs. Well I just can’t turn my back on anyone that needs help. Also keeping me and the other one in back before just in case they couldn't beat the Dark Mirai guy...

I guess they couldn't. Bruce called me and I attacked the Evil Mirai. It’s so good to be fighting another saiyan I've been fighting nothing but Corru for the last couple of decades.

I start with a Kamehameha that knocks away his sword; I think that thing has been healing him. I then transform to the fifth and as far as I know final ss level. While he's reeling I take him down.

He tries to reach his sword and I step on his hand. “This ends now All the insanity all the death! I will put an end to it!" I inform him.

“I don’t ... need to touch the sword to control it Goku watch this!" A bunch of assassins aged when a beam of from the sword hits them, another one almost hits vendetta but she's knocked away by Spoiler. Who for some reason doesn't age when the beam hits her?

I was shocked it looked evil Mirai was too, but he hit me in the back of the head almost knocking me out. “Ha! That was it? The great Son Goku goes down that easily?"

“You are ... a back stabber, and use the power of the ... Time Trapper to win... not your own But that's about to end..." I whistle. And my friend the Destroyer charges Dark Mirai and starts beating him down.

He tried aging it, that doesn't seem to work. Then again I've been sparring with that thing for years now and I still haven't hurt it. Dark Mirai fires his most powerful blast, and the Metal Man wades through it.

It then opens its visor, and pure magic burns, the evil version of my friend's son.

“The connection with the Trapper is ended." Galen announces. And I feel Dark Mirai's ki take a huge nose dive. He's burned to a crisp.

“I’ll kill you all..." Dark Mirai threatens.

Justice picks him up by the neck “Where’s my father?"

“You... Don't have a father Cain... you did this? You brought the Destroyer..."

“Actually Goku did I just asked him." He smirks. “He grabs on to Dark Miari and starts breaking bones.

“Fine I'll show you just let me live!"

Cain smirks "deal."

Justice gives him a look. He leads us to this window. There is another dimension I threw Mirai into, he gets whatever he wants he's truly happy no Vampi but another woman, no children to disobey him you don't get do you HS and Justice? He can only be happy without you. HAHAHAHAHA! Go ahead and take him out and he'll resent you forever. Or leave him in there to rot, either way I win!"

Bruce breaks his neck and leaves a burnt hand sign in his chest.

" Hey! I wanted to kill him!" Justice protests.

“You had a deal” I remind him.

Bruce laughs. “How can something not alive live? He’s a lantern Construct nothing more.”

Hmmm He has a point there.

“You can't kill the defenseless aunt not with Stormcutter. In case we can't get Mirai back we'll need you to weld it against Time Trapper."

Then something weird happens Bart comes up but I swore I saw him die. " It'sokayJustice."

“What Bart you died?!"

“No I didn't one of my Scouts did they're kind of like... well a part of me I sometimes Use ... I hate it when they die though."

“Oh it’s like the multi form technique I use" I laugh.

Flash looks at me “What’s that?"

The Flash in Yellow slaps his head “Damn every time I think I get rid of him he comes back."

Bart grins

While they were all arguing Bruce walks into the portal.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vegeta tagged me.

Vegeta tagged me with a meme.

Here are the rules .

List seven random things about yourself that people may not know.Link the person who sent this to you, and leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.Post the rules on your blog.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Cool! This'll be fun!

1 The other saiyans keep playing a game called "what won't I eat?" pretty much everything so far.

2 I train pretty much all day, I like sparring with my friends too. For some reason Krillan keeps saying he's too old to spar. He's the same age as I am And I always feel like training or fighting .

3 I don't mind that Pan Likes girls and guys or whatever as long as she's happy, I do mind her choice in dates like Vampi's evil twin sister.

4 I love Chichi though she scares me at times.

5 people keep laughing at me for the "hope of the universe " thing.

6 I sometimes wonder if Gohan is a teacher because he wants to be or because Chichi made him, and I wonder if he's happy.

7 I once dreamt I was eating a giant marsh mellow, my pillow's been missing ever since.

Hmmm I would tag someone but sometimes people seem to be annoyed by being tagged. I know! If you want to do this meme have fun! If not well there's other things you can do.

Hey I see Pan walking by " hey!"

" Hi Grandpa!"

" Whatcha doin' Pan?"

" Draculina gave me this potion that will make someone really turned on I'm going to try to use it on Vella see ya!"

That's nice.... Wait what? Oh Man she's already instant transmissioned away. I really wish I didn't teach her that. And now I can't find her Ki . Great either Vella or Vegeta or gonna kill her. This sucks!