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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I haven't lost my nerve.

I couldn't kill Gaia. Something told me I couldn't. I;ve been hearing voices and, sensing odd ki's . They told me that when I see a dove I must piece Maggie's side. With a spear. I know what she did with the Henchman was wrong, but she didn't deserve to die like that.

But when I had a chance to stop the killing the voice told me " no." it I've never heared such cursing in my life from The Hench man. I guess I deserve it, I could be losing my mind. Or something .

Wait the voice has come back again.

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Son Goku recover the Spear of Destiny before it's too late.

I start looking everywhere for the spear. I run around a, and can't find it any where until I see this weird thing .

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" Hey you! " I yell at it . " Hand over that spear!"

" It snarls at me. " The saiyan that lost his nerve? I do not take demands from you."

" Alright freako!" I challenge. " Your about to see how that I haven't lost my nerve! In fact your about to see my fist meet your face!"Free Image Hosting -


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