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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


All righty I'm not sure But we may have a lead on this Kloddo Mortaniss guy. Maybe. Well any way I hope it's true and just idle chatter from the clones . For one thing I Know Chi chi must be fuming by now . Another is Darth vader has been weird. Well weirder than usual .

I think he has a crush on someone. Not sure who but he keeps talking about Bright red hair . Oh well You see he decided for his crush that he was going to try out a new look I think he may have went to the wrong planet for that.

If he wanted less scary well he got it, the problem is he Went to far over to um uncool. It's just that well it doesn't really say " Sith." it more like says. Well I'm not really sure what it says but well here it is.

I hope she's worth it Darth , and that you keep not knowing that my cell phone has a camera in it .



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