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Thursday, August 31, 2006

On to the final battle

The battle with the imp was very short. It tried to turn into this big thing and scare me I blasted it and recovered the spear. At this moment this strange fog formed all around.

Gaia comes out of the mist With all these soldiers. Then the weirdest thing happened. This dove flies buy and the voice says " The time is now." I take the Spear and almost like a robot, I stab Maggie's body in the side.
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This white light formed around her. I could sense someone's Someone completely pure. At this moment vegeta appears behind me . " What the Hell?"

" it looks like Gaia,s being judged by a higher power. Now."

" Whatever Kakarot." he answers. " I stopped by and got these for the final Battle." He holds out two Potara earrings. " Where is Trunks? "

" In the middle of that." I point into the middle the battle with where Trunks is getting covered in demon warriors .

" Damn it ! Fine here take one . We're going to add our power to this battle one way or another!"

I take the earring , and put it on. Next thing I Know..... I am Vegetto! And I'm back and ready to kick armored demon ass!"

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