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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Into the future!

Continued from here. Gohan tried to warn me off working with Bruce Briefs. Well I just can’t turn my back on anyone that needs help. Also keeping me and the other one in back before just in case they couldn't beat the Dark Mirai guy...

I guess they couldn't. Bruce called me and I attacked the Evil Mirai. It’s so good to be fighting another saiyan I've been fighting nothing but Corru for the last couple of decades.

I start with a Kamehameha that knocks away his sword; I think that thing has been healing him. I then transform to the fifth and as far as I know final ss level. While he's reeling I take him down.

He tries to reach his sword and I step on his hand. “This ends now All the insanity all the death! I will put an end to it!" I inform him.

“I don’t ... need to touch the sword to control it Goku watch this!" A bunch of assassins aged when a beam of from the sword hits them, another one almost hits vendetta but she's knocked away by Spoiler. Who for some reason doesn't age when the beam hits her?

I was shocked it looked evil Mirai was too, but he hit me in the back of the head almost knocking me out. “Ha! That was it? The great Son Goku goes down that easily?"

“You are ... a back stabber, and use the power of the ... Time Trapper to win... not your own But that's about to end..." I whistle. And my friend the Destroyer charges Dark Mirai and starts beating him down.

He tried aging it, that doesn't seem to work. Then again I've been sparring with that thing for years now and I still haven't hurt it. Dark Mirai fires his most powerful blast, and the Metal Man wades through it.

It then opens its visor, and pure magic burns, the evil version of my friend's son.

“The connection with the Trapper is ended." Galen announces. And I feel Dark Mirai's ki take a huge nose dive. He's burned to a crisp.

“I’ll kill you all..." Dark Mirai threatens.

Justice picks him up by the neck “Where’s my father?"

“You... Don't have a father Cain... you did this? You brought the Destroyer..."

“Actually Goku did I just asked him." He smirks. “He grabs on to Dark Miari and starts breaking bones.

“Fine I'll show you just let me live!"

Cain smirks "deal."

Justice gives him a look. He leads us to this window. There is another dimension I threw Mirai into, he gets whatever he wants he's truly happy no Vampi but another woman, no children to disobey him you don't get do you HS and Justice? He can only be happy without you. HAHAHAHAHA! Go ahead and take him out and he'll resent you forever. Or leave him in there to rot, either way I win!"

Bruce breaks his neck and leaves a burnt hand sign in his chest.

" Hey! I wanted to kill him!" Justice protests.

“You had a deal” I remind him.

Bruce laughs. “How can something not alive live? He’s a lantern Construct nothing more.”

Hmmm He has a point there.

“You can't kill the defenseless aunt not with Stormcutter. In case we can't get Mirai back we'll need you to weld it against Time Trapper."

Then something weird happens Bart comes up but I swore I saw him die. " It'sokayJustice."

“What Bart you died?!"

“No I didn't one of my Scouts did they're kind of like... well a part of me I sometimes Use ... I hate it when they die though."

“Oh it’s like the multi form technique I use" I laugh.

Flash looks at me “What’s that?"

The Flash in Yellow slaps his head “Damn every time I think I get rid of him he comes back."

Bart grins

While they were all arguing Bruce walks into the portal.


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