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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cool! Dr Wacky's back!

When I was a kid, Dr. Briefs used to do this skit called DR Wacky. Ya know when I heard of the Barney Robots I should have known it was him. Man he's going to share the hilarity with Vegeta now!

Good Veg need's to lighten up he's always so serious. Unless he's pulling a mean prank. Anyother time , though it's " I am the Prince of all Saiyans!" blah! Blah! Blah!I Think maybe he'll get a few good laughs.

Yeah he needs it.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The kid's not my son!

Ok I copied my links from Vegeta's blog, and a while back my link to Trunkses blog said " my son." I believe that may have accidentally added fuel to a rumor that's been awhile for a while. It's even been put up at this website here

Ok let me tell the truth here. Trunks is Vegeta's son not mine, Ok First off me and Bulma have never, um you know. I don't care what this pic looks like.

Ok let me explain that, one it was a nudist thing , two it was just a hug three, That's before came to Earth, finally Yamcha had disappeared with a bunch of dudes at that nudist colony.

He said they were playing volleyball they were gone forever , so I had to keep all these dudes away from Bulma. I am never going to place with a bunch of naked people again.

Another thing is and I'm sure people like Wolverine and Vampi would back me up here, Trunks smells similar to Vegeta, not me. Don't believe me? Lets look at how much Trunks and Vegeta look alike.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Why can't I sleep?

As you may have read on Hotsuff's blog my two students won the tournament. Now Piccolo wants to train Hoststuff too. I think I may need to Ask Vampirella about that. Since from what Gohan has told me Piccolo can be rough.

After that we went to this cool picnic. During Cain had said, that he wanted a rematch with me. " Sure I don't mind sparring." I say. " I will defeat you next time Goku." I think he must have inherited the " wants to beat me up." gene from Vegeta.

Speaking of him he's the reason I'm on Hacknor now. I get woken from a dream where there was all this food and it never ran out, It was awesome! Then the next thing I know ths commuicator thingie Bulma gave me turns on and her screaming voice wakes me, by scaring me awake.

It seems Bulma and Vegeta got into some kind of argument, like always. So I get up and dress, so I can Instant transmit there, and take her home. I think I put my boots on the wrong feet twice.

" Why are you going there?" asked Chichi sleepily." Those two need to learn your not there personal delivery service, or taxi."

" I should be back in a few minutes Chichi. " I say. The problem is I think she's right. I don't mind doing favors for my frinds. But not this late at night." When I teleport there I find Bulma packed up and talking about divorce. Woah this serious!

I mean Usually these two argue because they like it, but I never heard the D word before. Ok I try to get them to talk I find Veg's KI and 'port Bulma too him. He was stinking drunk.

" Hey Vegeta what's up?" I say. " Bulma said you were foolin' around now I don't believe that, what's your side of it?"

" Kakarot sbkdj none of you dnnknkljmnjlnnl."

" Huh? "

Oh Boy! he's speaking a combo of gibberish and English. That is definatley not Saiyanese, Or Japanese either, I can understand that. Man! this gonna be a long night. Bartender a coffee over here please, and keep 'em coming until he starts to make sense.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So far so good.

(continued fro Hotstuff's blog .)

Well the boys did well against there first opponents. Course I had to make the opponents make fun of Pan first, but they won. I wonder how they'll do against the next opponent? Who are the next opponents.

Announcer now coming to the ring , the tag team of the girlie Cartmans!

Yikes! I think they'll do ok.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A talk with my student

I finally got a chance to talk to my student Hotstuff, Vampi's adopted kid. He wanted to know about How I met Chichi and got her to fall in love with me. Hmmm I didn't know how to answer that I mean I really didn't do anything.

" MS Chichi told me a joke that you though Marriage was a food."

" Yeah I did." I say.

" Oh Sinsa!" He says slapping his forehead.

" Hey I was raised out in the middle of no where, by my grandpa. Then when he died I was alone until Bulma found me."

" So How did you meet her?"

" Her dad the Ox king sent me to find her so we could get help from Master Roshi to put out this castle that was always on fire."

"So When you met her did you know she was the one?"

" Um no I did n't know what the difference was between men and women then, I would just um, grab people to find out."

Stunned silence.

" Well we met years later at the Boudakai, I forgot about saying I would marry her. Heck I didn't know who she was. Not until she told me any way. I guess you could say She perused me. "

" That doesn't help me, " he said.

" oh well buck up kiddo! I found a tournament that's like the Boudaki, but only kids with super powers can join. I'm taking you and P dawg!"

He didn't like that He thinks I like piccolo's son better or something. He really doesn't like that now the Namek can use the Kamehameha. It also looks like Piccolo taught him how to use the Special Beam Cannon. Which I keep telling him not to use in tournaments.

I Transmit to the tournament, and enter the boys. Boy are they going to be surprised.

" Welcome to the South City Junior Division Tag team Tournament" says the announcer.

Now coming to the ring the tag team of Piccolo The Third And Hotstuff!"
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" Wha?" says Hotstuff.

" Oh Snap! Tell me he didn't just make us a team! Tell me he didn't just do that G!"

I hated to do that but they need to learn how to work as a team. And I Know they want the Prize a shopping spree at a Video game store, but they have to work together to get it. So they'll either win as a team or fail as individuals , either way they're going to learn a lesson.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm back

Hey ya ! I'm back Man! It's one thing after another. First Vegeta wants me to bring Buu to Hacknor, After I do that somehow Buu shows up In Magneto's home. So I teleport there and find Mags doing stuff with that terminator robot. Unnatural stuff.

Eeeeeeeeew! So Okay I teleport Buu back to Hacknor, then the next morning Vegeta wants me to take him back home. Ok fine make up your mind jeez! Then Bulma calls me she wants to go see Vegeta.

Ok I take her, then they call and keep wanting stuff, beer , clothes , food, And A case of whipped cream? ( I don't want to know.) I left a MP3 player for that guy in the A.I.M. Suit so he doesn't have to listen to the Bulma Vegeta stuff. I only hope it has enough battery life.

Well using the Instant Transmission so much has really left my Ki drained. I think I'm going to sleep for a whole day good night.

( While Goku sleeps Cain slams in his door.)

" Wake up you murdering Bastard!"


" Fine I shall send you to Hell while you sleep!"

suddenly Reaper feels a huge ki behind him.)

" What? My senses must be off it's just Gohan!"

" You can't beat my Dad, in a fair fight so you try to kill him in his sleep."

" This has nothing to do with you! Out of the way before I hurt you!"

Gohan transforms into what looks like a super saiyan. But To Cain's Senses it feels like he is at SS4 level. Reaper dismisses it turns ss4 then throw a haymaker that The older half saiyain catches, He starts to squeeze .

Chichi looks in, " Boys! Goku! stop the rough housing! What the?"

" Don't worry mom. Just tell Pan to keep watching out for Vampi's kid. I'll take out the trash." He lands a hard Uppercut that send Cain through the roof and into the near by mountains."

" What the Hell?" yells Cain . Your only a Super saiyan 1 level you can't do this to me!"

" I take it you haven't heard of a Mystic Saiyain. I had lost the power for a while but training for the recent Boudakai has reawakened it. I call this Mystic Saiyan 2. I'm just as strong as you are , I'm better trained, and My power doesn't burn out as fast as yours does , now you can leave peacefully, or you can get a beatdown from two generations of our family your choice."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No one's going to stop this fight.

( Continued from Crime Alley.)

When Me and Cain were about to fight Bra, Mr. Fixit, and Brolly. All got in the way. I telported Bra. Back to Capsule Corp, Then I go back , and Grab Cain, And teleport us to an uninhabited planet.

(Brolly stares at Fixit, then flies away.)

" Huh." says Fixit.

On the Planet Cain stares at me." Where have you taken me Clown?"

" A planet where no one will interfere."I say.

" Ha! Throwing out big words are we? I'm going to put an end to your existence like My Father should have done years ago!"

"Go ahead many have tried." I say.

He charges at me and hits me hard. I try to hit him with a spin kick. He dodges it and hits me in the gut. He follows up with a straight kick. Then fires a huge blast.

" Ha! He's dead. How easy!" said Cain. I appear behind him " My turn!" he turns and yells "What?"

He catches a herd jab with his teeth. " Are we finished with the warm up yet?" I say smiling at him. He screams throwing chops and punches I grab him by the arm and throw him into a boulder.

He fires a bunch of little ki blasts at me I dodge them . He seems to disappear and reappear, behind me and kicks what he thinks is me , but is really my after image.

I punch at him and miss hit his after image after we do this several time he screams in frustration. " Damn it! How are you matching me move for move?"

" Well." I say maybe you'll know not to underestimate people. Then again I guess you can't be blamed, I mean you never lost a fight until your dad beat you up."

" Arrrrrgh!" he screams and we start going again he lands several punches I land some. He hits me with some kicks I do the same. We're both bleeding and bruised.

" Your pretty good Cain. The problem is your use your skills for evil. I know you blame Vegeta for the way you are , but he has nothing to do with it. He didn't know you existed. Yeah I know about your hard life, but at some point you have to put the blame where it lies with you."

" No! He should have save me ! I am Like this because of my Bastard of a Father! He should have stayed with Mother!"

" She broke up with him Cain. What? He's supposed to stay with people that don't want to be around him? "

" He chose that unworthy little punk over me!"

" Your just a hurt little boy aren't you? Look no matter what you've done You can change , but you have to want to, I don't believe you do though. You like to blame others for what you do. Until you realize your to blame for your own actions you'll always be lost in a cycle of hate."

" What would you know Goku? Your an idiot. Flash Bang Attack. "

he aimed the attack right at me he expects to deflect it away from the planet. Then he'll speed behind me hit me in the back, and both blasts ill hit me. I'll pretend to play his game.

" Kame Ha Me." at the last second I teleport behind him. He's shocked to see I let the blast hit the planet , but this place is dead. I doesn't matter.

He turns around, I release the energy with a " Ha!" he was to surprised to get out of the way. He wasn't dead but he was done. " Nice trick clown! He screams at me but don't thin this fight is over!"

" I'm sorry Cain but it is, I won. You beat up Goten I beat you up. We're even. You can barely stand. In a few seconds you won't be able to stay at ss4 form. This planet is about to explode. If I were like you I'd leave you here, but as a favor to Vegeta and Bra I'm going to let you live. Think about my words. Or someone will kill you."

" You Freak!!!!!! He yells running at me unsteadily. I Catch with a jab that sets him up for a shot at a pressure point in his neck. He goes out. I teleport back to Earth. And leave him on the steps of the hospital where his girlfriend is at. I then transmit back home.

I sit at home during dinner wondering if I did the right thing letting him live or am I going to have to kill him sometime soon.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another commercial

Well my son Gohan put on Vegs' blog Vegeta's doing some commercials, Well you know back when I put Goten on that reality show? Well he did some commercials I'm not too proud of .

If you have a super saiyain size thirst you need to buy Saiyagin!Gin for meta humans!

Warning! Not to be consumed by non powered humans.

Oh well at least he used the money he earned from those spots to buy an engagement ring for Bra.... Oops! I wasn't supposed to say that . Um please uh forget I said that.

um yeah, well I gotta go help stop Magneto , so Um I'm going to inspire everyone by dressing as Superman! It's not fair that the world doesn't have one now that he' s lost his powers . How do I look?

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