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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Justice League Japan?

Sweet! I was invited to the Justice, League! Well I thought it was The JLA. But noooooo. It was apparently JLJapan. I had no freaking idea there was one here. We have teams here with funny names, like Big Hero Six or Super Young Team. Or the worst one, Happy Spandex Fun Time.

But at least his one is named well not a bad team either.

Only problems are well Sailor Moon dated Trunks, and I have to hear her complain about him all the time. I hope Mirai never visits because it wouldn't be pretty if he found there was a cyborg, and a robot here, that and Lupin the 3rd keeps stealing my wallet.

Finally we don't fight a lot of good threats, I mean fighting Godzilla, tentacle monsters, the power rangers for some reason, and ninjas gets old. Heh but I bet Vegeta isn't fighting anything all that great in California.


Damn you Darkseid!!!! You can take your Anti Life Equation and stick it! The King of all Saiyans will not bow to any man or creature that pretends to be a god! I hate the Crisis!!!!!


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