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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Goten's house is a mess

I haven't trained my students yet. I 've been Gogeta and evil for a while, and I don't feel as if I deserve to train them. Anyway the shower broke at my house and I went over to Goten's. Man this is a mess. Take a look.

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I walk through all this mess, to the bathroom, and see this.

I wonder If Bra knows about all the dirty mags?

I go into the shower and this ... comes out.

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This came out of his sink.

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Ya know I don't need to take a shower that badly.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Students!

Vampi met some kids that were out hunting monsters. The problem is they weren't trained at all. They were going to get killed out there. I saved them but they mistaked me for the Great Saiyaman.

After watching them do Gohan;s poses for the third time. I told them " I'm not Saiyaman." They all got really sad. " But I did teach him, you see I'm his Dad." "Woah! can we meet him?" one asked.

" Sure!" I say. " But he's busy right now, maybe tomorrow. Do you guys have parents?"

They all looked from angry to sad. " No and we don't need them!" said the kid with glasses." I'll learn their names one day I promise. Any way I say. " If you guys are going to keep fighting monsters, you'll need to be better trained. If you want I can teach you. You can stay at my dojo."

" Will we learn to fly?" said the goalie mask kid.

" Don't be silly !" said the girl that wasn't a witch.

" Yeah I can teach you how to fly." I say.

They all look shocked except for goalie masked kid, he was jumping up and down. " I have one more student for you , I hear from behind me I turn around and see Piccolo.

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" Piccolo! Hey man ! What's up?" I say. "Who's that?"

" He's my son Goku. " The problem is he's learned all he can from me. If you don't mind, I would like you to teach him."

" Sure ! what's your name little guy ?"

" Yo! yo! yo! Homes I'm piccolo the thirdio! What's your handle Homes?"

Oh man ! I may need to hire Anakin Skywalker as a translator

Saturday, April 22, 2006

blog renovation

As you can tell my blog has went through some changes. You probably saw Shi's profile up on the side. Well that's because she did all the design work. So I 'd like to say thank you for all you've done.

Well Vampi's been living here for the last few days I'm kind of glad she went back home. Not because Chichi minded because she didn't. She wasn't much of a problem either.

No it's because , well she's attracted, Master Roshi.

He would keep looking in the windows and stuff. He once saw me coming out of the shower and threw up. Well any way Vampi finally did what every woman does she beat him up.

It was kind of funny, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about that no more. What's that screaming? Bra?

" Get away from me you old Perv! Final Flash!"

" Hey it was just a joke come on"

" I don't know on what planet touching me there is a joke you freak! But it's not Earth!"


Friday, April 07, 2006

Sleeping on the couch

Oh boy Chichi's mad at me. I keep telling her Dad told me Vampi was in danger. " I've been reading your Blog Goku!" she yells " You had a little vacation, while I slaved here, and worried myself sick, thinking you were dead!"

"I was keeping Vampi and Hotstuff safe!" I said. She wouldn't here of it. " You wrestled with a redneck Jedi! Did you have to do that?"

" Well no but I wasn't doing nothing else but listening to Yoda whistle like crazy.I mean I had to wait for Barriss' ship to come out of Hyperspace. "

She didn't believe me, so here I am on the couch, I'm too tall for the darned thing.
Either my head, or or my feet have to hang off it. Maybe I should spend the night on somone's guest bed?

Let' see Krillian got back together with 18. So I don't wanna bother them. Gohan 's House is pretty full with Videl and Pan. Goten's house scares me (more on that later.) Master Roshi will keep me up all night, trying to make me look at his dirty magazines.

Yamcha Tien? I actually haven't seen him in a while, So I don't know what his living situation is. Vegeta , No. I think him and Bulma have something planned. I guess I could use the Dojo. Just get a sleeping bag and pretnd i'm camping. Ok I'll do that.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Silliness in a galaxy Far far away.

I've been folloing Vampi, Barris and Hotstuff for awhile now. Today I got stuck waiting on the steps of the Jedi Temple. I kept hearing this whistling sound. At some point I thought Master yoda whistled at me. That left me a little uncomfortable. So I walk to this other part.

Then this kid Walks up to me with crayons up his nose.

" Hey Mister wanna color your brain?" he asks.

" Why would I want to do that ?"

" Master Kenobi says it's cool."

" He sounds like a goof ball to me."

Then all of the sudden this guy encrusted in cheeto dust comes at me yelling. I couldn't get evreything he said. but What I did get is that he wanted to wrestle me .

We go over to a make shift ring and he rips his robe off. I am so glad he had on a wrestling costume underneath.

We grapple against each other for a little , but I notice a problem. The Cheetoo dust like melted with his sweat to become a weird goo. We kept slipping out of each other's holds. I finally caught him when he tried to hit me with a frog splash. I took off my shirt and yelled like KurtAngle.

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Then I clamped the Ankle Lock On Kenobi.

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After a few minutes he tapped out. I ran around yelling" You Suck! You Suck!" Then Finally I felt Vampi's Ki. I telported to it . The planet they were on had a bunch of clone troopers . Most of the time Vampi and Hotstuff did Tourist stuff, It was pretty boring until they went to sleep.

A bunch of those lizard Aliens. attacked them. I killed some that the Clones missed . Some clones that called themselves Batch 3 led by this one attacked me.
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They mostly ran into steetlights. and Shot at me but I was standing still and they couln't hit me . I finally knocked them out with a ki blast, for thier own saftey the night has been peaceful since.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Adventures in ( unborn ) Baby sitting

My Dad kept appearing before me and telling I had to protect Vampi. He wouldn't even let me make a sandwich. So I feel out her ki. It kind of changed since she got pregnant. But I found her.

There was these ships attacking hers. I went back to Capsule Corp and got a breathing thing . I'M put it on my mouth, and ported back. So I teleport into a one of these ships. " Hey ya! " I yell at the people in control room I smash the controls.

I transmissioned to the next one. I ki blasted the engine. The next one I just play around with the controls, It slammed into two of the other ships. Finally one ship fired this big ray while Barriss" ship went into hyper space. I turn ss4 and appear before the big ray.

" Kamehameha!" The two rays slam into into each opther I was fighting it but it was gaining ground. " Super Kaioken!" the extra power did it. The shipray was deflected back to the ship, and it blew up.

I teleported into one of the ships and talked to the captain. I read his mind to understand what he was saying. I can only read what some one wants to tell me. Unless it's Chichi.

" Hey!" I said. Why are you trying to kill my friend?"I ask. " That abomination of a child should not be born Saiyan! No matter what you try to we will kill it!"

" No you won't!" I said. " Vampi and the kid are under my protection! If you want to mess them I'll destroy each and everyone of your ships and you with them!'

" You think to threaten us saiyan?"

" Not a threat it's a promise, there was a day when I would have let you all go. But baby killing bothers me. Oh yeah I'm not the only saiyan that's watching out for her either."

A bunch of guards jump on me I knock them down with little effort. Others fired ray guns, I blasted there guns out of their hands. port out side and blast their engines.

I transmit away from there. I find Vampi being chased by a giant lizard. She got away without my help. Now they are in Hyperspace so I can't find her ki So I 'm sittng on this planet with this Jawa that keeps trying to sell me elephant looking animals. how many times do I have to say no?