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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I don't understand Chichi

So the news about the break in I did with the group Batman brought together has reached Chichi. I know it looks bad but we did it for a good reason. MY Wife well she didn't want to hear it.

“What are you doing running around with another gang of thugs? Just because the other one gets too old ...except for Vegeta that is!"

“They aren't thugs. " I try to explain. " Even the guy with no face who says things I don't understand is a great guy. And batman is running it so..."

“Batman? Batman!" She yells. "Who introduced you too that nut?"

" Um Gohan." I say sheepishly.

“Well I'm going to have a long talk with our son about who he... wait what's that in your pocket?"

" Are you coming on to me?" I ask. Hoping the argument is over.

"No Goku!" She rolls her eyes. And grabs money out of my pocket "Where did you get this and how much is there?"

“Um I never did count it all but this is my pay from Batman for being on his team we all get some. "

“Wait... you mean finally your making money?" her eyes light up. "You have a real job?”

“I guess."

"And you get this weekly?"

“Yeah." I really hope I'm not still in trouble.

“Oh wow you know what this means we can send Pan to an Ivy League college! And finally get a real bathroom so you can stop taking baths in a barrel in the front yard."

“Um." I think real hard about what to say next than i can't really come up with much. "So um your not mad?"

“Mad ? I'm ecstatic! You had better not keep your boss waiting. The world needs to be saved and all that. When you get home they'll be a huge meal to celebrate you actually working! Hoorah! My Husband isn't just a karate bum anymore."

What just happened?


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