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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Son Goten: What's up with Bra?

Continued from here.

My wife Bra comes out of nowhere carrying Mirai's sword that went missing at his death.

She already killed some of the Corru. the rest laugh at her. " Look honey. they shouldn't have sent you Son Goku. Maybe or a real super saiyan."

" Your about to face a real Super saiyan." She states with a voice deeper than usual .

then she slices his head off. This is weird she's walking all different And not using her normal fighting style, which is normally distracting her opponents with her looks, and using a lot of gymnastic moves. In stead she uses sword play and moves that look they they were meant for a taller bulkier person.

I didn't know she even knew how to use a sword much less Stormcutter. But she whips up storms and and other weather like a pro.finally What's left of the corru retreat.

I grab her, and try to kiss her. " Woah There Goten! Look if your into that it's okay, but I'm not."

" Into what Babe?" I ask suddenly very confused.

" Oh God! " She yells . " Don't call me Babe! I mean I'm straight okay married with a son and daughter and everything. Maybe you should tell Bra about these feelings eh?"

We all stare at her well except the 17 year old who just came here from another planet. " Honey you are Bra." Great. My wife now has split personalities.

"Wait a second did you get taller? " Bra looks all confused .. then What I said registers. She grabs her own chest . " The Hell?" She runs behind a Vampi's mansion. " AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! IT'S Gone!"

She walks out sulkingly. " Why am I always turned into girls? First that voodoo guy switched me with Vampi, and now I get a time share with little sister. Then of course the time I shared inside Trunks' body. Though not technically a girl he is pretty whiney. "

This weird power level. Comes out of no where. All these ninjas start flanking the soldiers and this this boy with purple hair walks out. of the bushes. I recognize him from SHIELD files.

" Bruce Cain! You are on that villain show.

He bows at me respectfully. " That's me." Bra gives him a look.

" You! what are you doing here."

Cain Smirks. " is that any way to greet your nephew Aunt Mirai ?"

Everyone looks at her Justice starts crying " D-Dad?"

" Yes Justice it's me. And this kid is Vincent's and Cassandra's son. He takes after his grandfather though Both of them."

" Well mom taught me a lot too." he smiles. " Like I can beat all five of you, and take Stormcutter forcefully."

" Why do you want it?" HS demands.

" None of your business. Though I have to say I didn't expect this. An aunt, uncle combo. Your choice old man. You can live in Bra's body, I mean I hear Vampi does like women after all, but poor Goten has to share his wife, and think of the mental scarring my cousins will go through. Or you can give me the sword."

" And why should I trust an assassin?" Mirai/ Bra asks.

" You can't can you? But your soul is connected to the blade and you'll end up living inside whoever touches it. Now tell me what kind of life or in your case after life is that?"

I can't believe it but she drops the sword, and all of the sudden Bra is back to normal. " Goten? Where am I?"

Bruce goes for the sword. I step in front of him. " Your not taking it."

He gives the Vegeta smirk. How come I couldn't see he was related to him before? " Who's going to stop me you? Please Uncle Goten. Don't make me hurt you."

" Your not getting the sword!" I repeat.

He glares. " Ryu! Alpha! Mad Dog! Assassins! You can do to the soldiers of General Ryayan As you will ! The saiyans are mine!"

I transform to the fourth Super saiyan level unfortunately so does he. I plan my attack out perfectly but before I even move I'm on the ground.Bra goes after him fighting like her normal self and is knocked out with a chop.

HS starts burning him but oddly it doesn't seem to bother, him. " You want flame ? Here's some flame Dark Dragon Pyre!"

Vegeta's old move surrounds the boy and causes him to fall in despair. He plays with Hs' flame like a toy. Actually holding it in his hands. " Gramps still had the Dragon flame when he made Dad and Aunt Vella. " He then eats the fire. " It skipped a generation. "

Justice Shouts " You can't have my Dad!" She calls the Earth 's power at after him and he looks to vanish in lava. But he reappears behind her.He hits two fingers to her neck and she's out cold.

I get up not knowing why the few punches and one kick he hit me with hurt so much and I fire a Kamehameha wave.

And he slaps it away.the open his hand and yells " Reign of Cain!" this blast comes after me I dodge it then all of the sudden i feel pain in my back. I look up to see ki energy falling like rain onto me It burns so much I fall.

I mumble. " Cassandra couldn't have taught you that."

" Nope I've been trained by Gramps, Uncle Goku. You, and mom. It's too bad Dad wasn't here I haven't had the chance to fight him, or train with him. Then again I hear he sucks now . I'll wait until he grows up a bit, then seek him out. now back to business. "

He picks up the sword and it shocks him. " Damn! The 'worthy' enchantment is still on it. "

A ninja gives him Mirai's scabbard. " Here master maybe this will help."

he picks up the sword screaming as it keeps shocking him until it finally turns into it's wooden form. And Cain puts into it's covering. " Alright we have it !Assassins! Vanish!"

that's the last thing I hear before I black out.


  • At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    this isnt over Bruce... I can not allow you to take my husband

  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger Bruce Cain said…

    you really don't think you'll win do you?


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