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Friday, October 27, 2006

Ok Now I'm Mad!

After Bulma , had her kids vegeta kicked me in um the "goodie bag." I passed out after that. Jerk wears steel toed boots. Well ok probably not steel but some kind of alien metal.

Yeah well I wake up and these Doctors are talking about how needles keep breakin' on my skin, so they break out a secondary adamantium needle AHHHHHHHH! I hate Needles! I run around the place while all the doctors chase me it was a nightmare.

Until I remembered I could teleport hehehehe! Well my Students the Monster Squad had to go back to the orphanage they came from So I trained them in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. ( It's a good thing I can use that thing for more than messing up poor Bulma.)

Well although it took a day in this we trained a whole year in that dimension so now they can defend themselves against pretty much anything they hunt. I'm sorry to see them go, but I'm glad there skills have improved so much, and that I was a part of that.

Oh well Now that that's done. I'm getting even with vegeta for the needle thing we're gonna fight!Free Image Hosting at

Friday, October 20, 2006

Woah Evil twins!

I was fighting these blue guys from Atlantis. These guys Were pretty weak, and not used to the land, Then Vegeta, and Namor went into the water to the whole way. Then I dunno. I felt this weird Ki . I dunno But I thought I could investigate. It I could see my kids , and friends had this in pretty good hands.

I teleported there and Bulma had Cabain in her hands and a syringe in another. And I was holding another Bulma. Wait Me? Oh great evil twins. I had to figure out how to stop them without letting that evil needle near me.

The evil Vegeta looks over at me. " Well you are certainly not the one I expected to come to her rescue Kakarot."

" Put her down!" I respond.

" Not until we rid her of the child!" Shouts evil Bulma.

" Your not gonna hurt My godchild!!" Well Bulma Had made me the god fther of the Bra ,a and Trunks , So I just assumed this one would be too. I'm the godfather You won't go against the family ! Hehhehehehee! Um sorry.

Yeah The evil me dropped her hard. And started mumbling " I hate you good me ! ... I will Kill you!"

Eeew! I talk like Brolly in their reality.

Well I knew I couldn't fight these guys especially with Bulma and Baby Cabain in the way. Ok Well " Solar Flare!" Yeah I blinded them I next use my superspeed, and grab The real Bulma , and Cabain.

I 'port them to my Dojo.

" Did they hurt you or the kid ?" I ask her.

" No But those nuts wanted to Kill both! You have to stop them!"

Ok she's getting a little hysterical. I Go call Chichi to tell her Bulma's here .

Meanwhile. Bulma looks at the Hyperbolc Time chamber that Goku had built into his school. " Hmm You know cabain time moves differently in there. I could leave you in there, and you could get your true age back. Hmmm maybe not a good idea. You'd need someone to take care of you in there."

Bulma looks inside, and falls in , a playful Cain closes the door on her.

Well I took me a while to get Chi chi, and well I hear A knock on the hyperbolic Time chamber door. I open And I'm shocked by what I find.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Unexpected visitor

Hey ! Everyone ! Ok first off thing right off. When I was telling the story of how me and Gohan beat the controller I didn't check the spelling after the spell check got through with it. So an interesting typo was left up.

I When I punched Gohan into the Controller I broke the mind control Disk off. Not Gohan's Dick. The spell check wants me to neuter my son. Well I don't . Goten has been laughing about that the whole time since my last post. So much so. Him and Gohan got into a fight.

Well they've been fighting a lot since the whole civil war thing. I wish they can get over that. Well in other stuff happening Now. Well P- Dawg is getting good. I think he may be too good for me to teach anymore.

There's only so far we can go you know. I've taught the kid everything I know that Piccolo hasn't taught him. Now if he wants to grow as a martial artist he's going to have to travel , around the world or galaxy, or whatever.

I did it That when I was young, and I still travel, when I think I can use some polishing up of my skills. I guess I'll have to get Piccolo to help tell him that. I taught my other students how to use the kamehameha wave.

It's a good thing I moved my Dojo away from West City. Because I had to put out 5 forest fires today. If that had been near the City..... Well I don't want to think about it.

Wait someone is knocking at the door. Free Image Hosting -

" Son Goku I have come for the Children called the Monster Squad!"


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Controlled by the Controller

Gohan was fighting me as hard s he would one of our enemies. And I kept seeing this guy, there that was laughing about it the whole time. I kick Gohan in the gut , and see that some kind of thing A disc of some kind was on the back of his neck.

Before I could get the thing off, That weird guy hits me with a Kamehameha? Oh now I get it I think. This guy is controlling Gohan somehow, and feeding off his energy.

" Who are you?! " I demand.

" Call me The Controller, you alien!

" Well I'm about to call you mud !" I respond . But Gohan stops me before I get to him. I get knocked through a building with a straight kick. Ok If that's how controller is going to play it, I use a technique that Tien used against me Back in our second Boudokai battle.

The Split form technique. Basically I split my power in a energy made duplicate of my self. I just made one, because if I made a whole bunch , well I, and they would be much weaker.

Luckily the one dupe , was about the same strength As the Controller when it went up is ss4 form , Gohan was a lot stronger than me , but since Controller as focused on the other me attacking him, he didn't have the time to really direct My son .

I dodged an elbow, and hit him with a ki blast. The Dupe of me kicked the villain , into Gohan . Gohan was alright , and the disk on him was destroyed, But Controller's suit was hurt.

He was Yelling" I can't walk! I can't Walk!"

I teleported him to the Vault, hopefully they'll be able to fix that suit that helps him walk . For some reason Gohan wanted top go to Vegeta's where he talked to Bra. Me I went to burger King to refuel.

Well Yeah I was gone for a little while, but those kids' meal toys are so fun! Any way , when I came back to pick up Gohan, ( though I had no idea if he was still there, I mean he could have just flew home.

Well When I get there, someone says the LAPD Has Cain, and we al 'ported there, That's were we found out that by having Cain Means he joined them Woah! Free Image Hosting -

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Man ! We gotta stop these villains

Holg sent me a message that said Noel died. . I hate that she was one of the good ones. I wish I could have done something, but I can't be everywhere at once. I had to help free vegeta, though he won't admit it We're friends.

After that I had to help stop Lilith and all of these vampires. Now there's a super villain riot in West City. So I gotta help stop it. Although it does seem that people are a little ungrateful look what I saw the other day. Free Image Hosting -

Is it so wrong that I don't wanna work for SHIELD but I want to teach, and help out those that need help? Oh well while Veg went out looking for Cabain. Me and Gohan fought this these real strong guys called the Wrecking Crew.Free Image Hosting -

We were hurting buildings around the area. I finally told Gohan we should blast these guys with a kamehameha. After a couple of times, they were knocked out then for some reason , Gohan turned on me, and attacked.Free Image Hosting -

Wait a second. Who's this guy? Free Image Hosting -