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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The rescue

It got a little old, fighting a bunch of armored losers with guns . Every time I'm ask them to give up Noel, so they won't be hurt . They just shoot at me. So I have to knock them out.

Well at some point . Some guy comes out And Yells " He's one man ! Why haven't you incompetent dolts killed him yet?"

They pile on me. It was getting hard to breathe. So I unleash A ki field . They all fly away in different directions. They're leader 's eyes. Get all wide And he says " Your some kind of monster!"

" From what I've been hearing you guys are the monsters! Now do you want to get beat up or will you tell me where your prisoners are? "

He runs from me. Man! This is just getting silly! Oh well I walk a little ways following people's life signatures , hoping to just bump into Noel And Zebb. Then these cool androids pop up.

I'm about to get ready to fight them when the ship shakes. I guess someone's attacking it but I lose my footing. The Droids blast me. I jump up and down going "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Ok Now I'm ticked! I Head butt one It breaks but it hurts my head. I catch another one with a round house kick that slams it in to another one . They both blow up. The last one is fast

It leaps off of walls .And it has this knife arm that cuts me . Ok I keep watching and realize it's jumping around in a pattern . I dodge it, It's next time around Then fire a kamehameha.

I hit some blue glowing thing. I guess that was importent to the ship , because it started to tilt. Well I used this. I crushed a robot and Skated on it until, Then All of the sudden The ship rights itself knocking me into a wall. I my head hurts

After seeing stars for a few minutes. I get up I saw that I went though the wall. More guards swarmed me. After hitting a few of them I Watch them run itno this room. I fllow them and see as they jump into Space pods. I let them get away.

I'm getting frustrated. I run around the ship. It feels like I;ve been running around in circles for hours . The finally I see these people fighting with these guards.

I Punch one into a bulkhead. Some of the others must have already fought me because they run away. I look at the cat cyborg lady. " Hey I'm Son Goku, but call me Goku. Who are you? "

" I'm Noel." Finally!

" I tell her " I'm here to rescue you. And Um is Zebb here?"

" I'm Zebb." Challenges this tough looking dude. " How are we supposed to know this isn't a trap? "

" This teenage boy who was standing by this Teen girl interrupts . " He doesn't work here. In fact I don't think I've ever seen anything like him before in my life."

" Heh!" I answer. " I'm from another Galaxy. And look out !"

" More of those guards and droids show up. In the confusion . I;m not sure what happened but I knocked out all the bad guys and destroyed the robots, I turn and see Zebb somehow got shot. He was already pretty hurt.

Noel was cradling him I put my hand on her shoulder. " What are you...? " She asks.

I stop her " Get your friends to hold on to my shoulders. I need you guys to be close so I can teleport you outta here."

" That's Crazy !" Said the other human looking girl.

"Look I can do it just hold on to your boyfriend, And you sir put your hand on my shoulder. Miss Noel hold on to him." I glance at Zebb. We disappear and reapperar in Sky City.


  • At 7:28 AM, Blogger Magdalena said…

    sends a message to goku...

    I am worried about Vegeta.. I dont doubt that he believes he is doing the right thing but I must protect the innocent including Gaia

    if I cant save her then I will do what I have but we have to try

    unfortunetly he as misread my intentions when I asked Gohan to get to him and hired henchman

    perhaps he will listen to you

    we have to try to save who we can

  • At 7:43 AM, Blogger Pantha said…



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