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Friday, March 06, 2009

Son Pan: Boudakai round 1

Darculina is all pissed that she got beat by the grey Hulk, so she left having a hissy fit. Me, I'm staying because a part saiyan I want to get a good fight. Too bad for me I get a regular human girl in the first match.

Oh big whoop she stopped a robbery of the the ticket stand before coming to the ring. She just stares at me, like she's reading a book or something. I decide it'd be better if I don't hurt a future saiyan princess although she doesn't have a drop of saiyan blood in her.

" Yo Cassie have I gotta a deal for you." I start.

She just answers. " no."

" But you don't know what I'm going to offer." I say.

" Yes I do ... you're going to hit on me." Wow she is perceptive.

" Well you know saiyan royalty can have a consort long with a mate.. You really have to try it with another girl. Ms. Cain hey we can even let Prince Vincent join in."

I put my arm around her shoulder. And she grunts " I don't like to be touched."

" That's not what I saw in the locker room a while ago, with Vincent."

She goes all red than throws a punch Well when she breaks her hand on my face she'll learn that was a mistake. But instead I hear a "Clang!" And everything goes black.

When I wake up I hear " TEN!" Son Pan has been knocked out the winner is Cassandra Cain!"

"What?" I protest after seeing stars. " She couldn't have hurt me... her gloves must be Adamantium! That's not fair!"

" Well neither are all of your Powers. MS. Son" The ref Shakes his head. Cassandra Cain didn't try yo kill you nor did she hit you below the belt. She broke no rules."

You have to be kidding Ugh I lost to someone with no powers. How embarrassing.


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