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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And now Action! Woo Hoo!

So here I am sitting and eating when the Holg Droid comes up to me. I don't know what to call it I mean vampi keeps saying it's a " she" While it says it's a "he" So I've just been calling him " Holg."

Well any way it comes up to me while I'm eating and says. " Mr Goku may I speak with you?"

" What's with the Mister stuff? Just call me Goku."

" Ok Well Noel's been found she's on a ship orbiting Endor."

" You mean the planet with the Teddy bear thingies?" I ask.

" Ewoks. Not teddy bear.... Never mind . Yes that one."

" Cool! You sent me there before with vampi remember? I'll go right now ! Woo Hoo! I'm about to see some fighting! Yeah baby!"

everyone in the place looks at me.

" Heehheehehehe! Well um later!" I teleport to Endor avoiding the Ewoks. After I talked to some of'em they didn't seem so bad, but still, I dunno they're weird. Any way I 'port into the ship after sensing they're ki.

All these soldier types look at me. " How did he get in here? " Asks one .

" Alright guys.I'm going to say this once. Where's Noel and Zebb?' tell me and no one gets hurt!"

They laugh at me " He's some kind of comedian, Kill him!"

They shoot me and I knock the energy beams away. I love how hen you put up a ki shield it doesn't hurt your hands. I then kick one of them His helmet breaks. I Punch another. Back hand another through a wall. And the last one I knee in the face . Look like I'll have to fight my way through to Find Noel and Zebb. Cool!


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