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Friday, October 20, 2006

Woah Evil twins!

I was fighting these blue guys from Atlantis. These guys Were pretty weak, and not used to the land, Then Vegeta, and Namor went into the water to the whole way. Then I dunno. I felt this weird Ki . I dunno But I thought I could investigate. It I could see my kids , and friends had this in pretty good hands.

I teleported there and Bulma had Cabain in her hands and a syringe in another. And I was holding another Bulma. Wait Me? Oh great evil twins. I had to figure out how to stop them without letting that evil needle near me.

The evil Vegeta looks over at me. " Well you are certainly not the one I expected to come to her rescue Kakarot."

" Put her down!" I respond.

" Not until we rid her of the child!" Shouts evil Bulma.

" Your not gonna hurt My godchild!!" Well Bulma Had made me the god fther of the Bra ,a and Trunks , So I just assumed this one would be too. I'm the godfather You won't go against the family ! Hehhehehehee! Um sorry.

Yeah The evil me dropped her hard. And started mumbling " I hate you good me ! ... I will Kill you!"

Eeew! I talk like Brolly in their reality.

Well I knew I couldn't fight these guys especially with Bulma and Baby Cabain in the way. Ok Well " Solar Flare!" Yeah I blinded them I next use my superspeed, and grab The real Bulma , and Cabain.

I 'port them to my Dojo.

" Did they hurt you or the kid ?" I ask her.

" No But those nuts wanted to Kill both! You have to stop them!"

Ok she's getting a little hysterical. I Go call Chichi to tell her Bulma's here .

Meanwhile. Bulma looks at the Hyperbolc Time chamber that Goku had built into his school. " Hmm You know cabain time moves differently in there. I could leave you in there, and you could get your true age back. Hmmm maybe not a good idea. You'd need someone to take care of you in there."

Bulma looks inside, and falls in , a playful Cain closes the door on her.

Well I took me a while to get Chi chi, and well I hear A knock on the hyperbolic Time chamber door. I open And I'm shocked by what I find.


  • At 8:43 PM, Blogger Vegeta said…

    Great wonderful gret Nice to know that you have a hyberbloc time chamber and you do not keep the door locked you freaking idiot!


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