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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Controlled by the Controller

Gohan was fighting me as hard s he would one of our enemies. And I kept seeing this guy, there that was laughing about it the whole time. I kick Gohan in the gut , and see that some kind of thing A disc of some kind was on the back of his neck.

Before I could get the thing off, That weird guy hits me with a Kamehameha? Oh now I get it I think. This guy is controlling Gohan somehow, and feeding off his energy.

" Who are you?! " I demand.

" Call me The Controller, you alien!

" Well I'm about to call you mud !" I respond . But Gohan stops me before I get to him. I get knocked through a building with a straight kick. Ok If that's how controller is going to play it, I use a technique that Tien used against me Back in our second Boudokai battle.

The Split form technique. Basically I split my power in a energy made duplicate of my self. I just made one, because if I made a whole bunch , well I, and they would be much weaker.

Luckily the one dupe , was about the same strength As the Controller when it went up is ss4 form , Gohan was a lot stronger than me , but since Controller as focused on the other me attacking him, he didn't have the time to really direct My son .

I dodged an elbow, and hit him with a ki blast. The Dupe of me kicked the villain , into Gohan . Gohan was alright , and the disk on him was destroyed, But Controller's suit was hurt.

He was Yelling" I can't walk! I can't Walk!"

I teleported him to the Vault, hopefully they'll be able to fix that suit that helps him walk . For some reason Gohan wanted top go to Vegeta's where he talked to Bra. Me I went to burger King to refuel.

Well Yeah I was gone for a little while, but those kids' meal toys are so fun! Any way , when I came back to pick up Gohan, ( though I had no idea if he was still there, I mean he could have just flew home.

Well When I get there, someone says the LAPD Has Cain, and we al 'ported there, That's were we found out that by having Cain Means he joined them Woah! Free Image Hosting -


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