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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Unexpected visitor

Hey ! Everyone ! Ok first off thing right off. When I was telling the story of how me and Gohan beat the controller I didn't check the spelling after the spell check got through with it. So an interesting typo was left up.

I When I punched Gohan into the Controller I broke the mind control Disk off. Not Gohan's Dick. The spell check wants me to neuter my son. Well I don't . Goten has been laughing about that the whole time since my last post. So much so. Him and Gohan got into a fight.

Well they've been fighting a lot since the whole civil war thing. I wish they can get over that. Well in other stuff happening Now. Well P- Dawg is getting good. I think he may be too good for me to teach anymore.

There's only so far we can go you know. I've taught the kid everything I know that Piccolo hasn't taught him. Now if he wants to grow as a martial artist he's going to have to travel , around the world or galaxy, or whatever.

I did it That when I was young, and I still travel, when I think I can use some polishing up of my skills. I guess I'll have to get Piccolo to help tell him that. I taught my other students how to use the kamehameha wave.

It's a good thing I moved my Dojo away from West City. Because I had to put out 5 forest fires today. If that had been near the City..... Well I don't want to think about it.

Wait someone is knocking at the door. Free Image Hosting -

" Son Goku I have come for the Children called the Monster Squad!"



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