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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No one's going to stop this fight.

( Continued from Crime Alley.)

When Me and Cain were about to fight Bra, Mr. Fixit, and Brolly. All got in the way. I telported Bra. Back to Capsule Corp, Then I go back , and Grab Cain, And teleport us to an uninhabited planet.

(Brolly stares at Fixit, then flies away.)

" Huh." says Fixit.

On the Planet Cain stares at me." Where have you taken me Clown?"

" A planet where no one will interfere."I say.

" Ha! Throwing out big words are we? I'm going to put an end to your existence like My Father should have done years ago!"

"Go ahead many have tried." I say.

He charges at me and hits me hard. I try to hit him with a spin kick. He dodges it and hits me in the gut. He follows up with a straight kick. Then fires a huge blast.

" Ha! He's dead. How easy!" said Cain. I appear behind him " My turn!" he turns and yells "What?"

He catches a herd jab with his teeth. " Are we finished with the warm up yet?" I say smiling at him. He screams throwing chops and punches I grab him by the arm and throw him into a boulder.

He fires a bunch of little ki blasts at me I dodge them . He seems to disappear and reappear, behind me and kicks what he thinks is me , but is really my after image.

I punch at him and miss hit his after image after we do this several time he screams in frustration. " Damn it! How are you matching me move for move?"

" Well." I say maybe you'll know not to underestimate people. Then again I guess you can't be blamed, I mean you never lost a fight until your dad beat you up."

" Arrrrrgh!" he screams and we start going again he lands several punches I land some. He hits me with some kicks I do the same. We're both bleeding and bruised.

" Your pretty good Cain. The problem is your use your skills for evil. I know you blame Vegeta for the way you are , but he has nothing to do with it. He didn't know you existed. Yeah I know about your hard life, but at some point you have to put the blame where it lies with you."

" No! He should have save me ! I am Like this because of my Bastard of a Father! He should have stayed with Mother!"

" She broke up with him Cain. What? He's supposed to stay with people that don't want to be around him? "

" He chose that unworthy little punk over me!"

" Your just a hurt little boy aren't you? Look no matter what you've done You can change , but you have to want to, I don't believe you do though. You like to blame others for what you do. Until you realize your to blame for your own actions you'll always be lost in a cycle of hate."

" What would you know Goku? Your an idiot. Flash Bang Attack. "

he aimed the attack right at me he expects to deflect it away from the planet. Then he'll speed behind me hit me in the back, and both blasts ill hit me. I'll pretend to play his game.

" Kame Ha Me." at the last second I teleport behind him. He's shocked to see I let the blast hit the planet , but this place is dead. I doesn't matter.

He turns around, I release the energy with a " Ha!" he was to surprised to get out of the way. He wasn't dead but he was done. " Nice trick clown! He screams at me but don't thin this fight is over!"

" I'm sorry Cain but it is, I won. You beat up Goten I beat you up. We're even. You can barely stand. In a few seconds you won't be able to stay at ss4 form. This planet is about to explode. If I were like you I'd leave you here, but as a favor to Vegeta and Bra I'm going to let you live. Think about my words. Or someone will kill you."

" You Freak!!!!!! He yells running at me unsteadily. I Catch with a jab that sets him up for a shot at a pressure point in his neck. He goes out. I teleport back to Earth. And leave him on the steps of the hospital where his girlfriend is at. I then transmit back home.

I sit at home during dinner wondering if I did the right thing letting him live or am I going to have to kill him sometime soon.


  • At 6:42 AM, Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said…

    Dear sir,

    Hard core.Dental for all.

    Dr.Polaris rules.

  • At 3:34 PM, Blogger TX said…

    I am fully repaired and shall exact my revenge on you (I believe this is the appropiate response)

  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger The Grim Reaper said…

    this isnt over yet!

  • At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Me not talking to you

  • At 6:38 PM, Blogger Son Goku said…

    Henchman Thanks!

    TX You can try But if you succed My Son Ohan or Goten will blow you up. I'm not worried though O know how to defeat you.

    Cain : Yes it is

    Hotstuff yes you will.


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