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Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm back

Hey ya ! I'm back Man! It's one thing after another. First Vegeta wants me to bring Buu to Hacknor, After I do that somehow Buu shows up In Magneto's home. So I teleport there and find Mags doing stuff with that terminator robot. Unnatural stuff.

Eeeeeeeeew! So Okay I teleport Buu back to Hacknor, then the next morning Vegeta wants me to take him back home. Ok fine make up your mind jeez! Then Bulma calls me she wants to go see Vegeta.

Ok I take her, then they call and keep wanting stuff, beer , clothes , food, And A case of whipped cream? ( I don't want to know.) I left a MP3 player for that guy in the A.I.M. Suit so he doesn't have to listen to the Bulma Vegeta stuff. I only hope it has enough battery life.

Well using the Instant Transmission so much has really left my Ki drained. I think I'm going to sleep for a whole day good night.

( While Goku sleeps Cain slams in his door.)

" Wake up you murdering Bastard!"


" Fine I shall send you to Hell while you sleep!"

suddenly Reaper feels a huge ki behind him.)

" What? My senses must be off it's just Gohan!"

" You can't beat my Dad, in a fair fight so you try to kill him in his sleep."

" This has nothing to do with you! Out of the way before I hurt you!"

Gohan transforms into what looks like a super saiyan. But To Cain's Senses it feels like he is at SS4 level. Reaper dismisses it turns ss4 then throw a haymaker that The older half saiyain catches, He starts to squeeze .

Chichi looks in, " Boys! Goku! stop the rough housing! What the?"

" Don't worry mom. Just tell Pan to keep watching out for Vampi's kid. I'll take out the trash." He lands a hard Uppercut that send Cain through the roof and into the near by mountains."

" What the Hell?" yells Cain . Your only a Super saiyan 1 level you can't do this to me!"

" I take it you haven't heard of a Mystic Saiyain. I had lost the power for a while but training for the recent Boudakai has reawakened it. I call this Mystic Saiyan 2. I'm just as strong as you are , I'm better trained, and My power doesn't burn out as fast as yours does , now you can leave peacefully, or you can get a beatdown from two generations of our family your choice."


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