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Friday, May 26, 2006

Why can't I sleep?

As you may have read on Hotsuff's blog my two students won the tournament. Now Piccolo wants to train Hoststuff too. I think I may need to Ask Vampirella about that. Since from what Gohan has told me Piccolo can be rough.

After that we went to this cool picnic. During Cain had said, that he wanted a rematch with me. " Sure I don't mind sparring." I say. " I will defeat you next time Goku." I think he must have inherited the " wants to beat me up." gene from Vegeta.

Speaking of him he's the reason I'm on Hacknor now. I get woken from a dream where there was all this food and it never ran out, It was awesome! Then the next thing I know ths commuicator thingie Bulma gave me turns on and her screaming voice wakes me, by scaring me awake.

It seems Bulma and Vegeta got into some kind of argument, like always. So I get up and dress, so I can Instant transmit there, and take her home. I think I put my boots on the wrong feet twice.

" Why are you going there?" asked Chichi sleepily." Those two need to learn your not there personal delivery service, or taxi."

" I should be back in a few minutes Chichi. " I say. The problem is I think she's right. I don't mind doing favors for my frinds. But not this late at night." When I teleport there I find Bulma packed up and talking about divorce. Woah this serious!

I mean Usually these two argue because they like it, but I never heard the D word before. Ok I try to get them to talk I find Veg's KI and 'port Bulma too him. He was stinking drunk.

" Hey Vegeta what's up?" I say. " Bulma said you were foolin' around now I don't believe that, what's your side of it?"

" Kakarot sbkdj none of you dnnknkljmnjlnnl."

" Huh? "

Oh Boy! he's speaking a combo of gibberish and English. That is definatley not Saiyanese, Or Japanese either, I can understand that. Man! this gonna be a long night. Bartender a coffee over here please, and keep 'em coming until he starts to make sense.


  • At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    NOOOOoooo dont get a divorce pweeeeaasee


  • At 8:33 AM, Blogger Raptor Lewis said…

    Knock Vegeta out and spea to him when he's sober.


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