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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Silliness in a galaxy Far far away.

I've been folloing Vampi, Barris and Hotstuff for awhile now. Today I got stuck waiting on the steps of the Jedi Temple. I kept hearing this whistling sound. At some point I thought Master yoda whistled at me. That left me a little uncomfortable. So I walk to this other part.

Then this kid Walks up to me with crayons up his nose.

" Hey Mister wanna color your brain?" he asks.

" Why would I want to do that ?"

" Master Kenobi says it's cool."

" He sounds like a goof ball to me."

Then all of the sudden this guy encrusted in cheeto dust comes at me yelling. I couldn't get evreything he said. but What I did get is that he wanted to wrestle me .

We go over to a make shift ring and he rips his robe off. I am so glad he had on a wrestling costume underneath.

We grapple against each other for a little , but I notice a problem. The Cheetoo dust like melted with his sweat to become a weird goo. We kept slipping out of each other's holds. I finally caught him when he tried to hit me with a frog splash. I took off my shirt and yelled like KurtAngle.

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Then I clamped the Ankle Lock On Kenobi.

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After a few minutes he tapped out. I ran around yelling" You Suck! You Suck!" Then Finally I felt Vampi's Ki. I telported to it . The planet they were on had a bunch of clone troopers . Most of the time Vampi and Hotstuff did Tourist stuff, It was pretty boring until they went to sleep.

A bunch of those lizard Aliens. attacked them. I killed some that the Clones missed . Some clones that called themselves Batch 3 led by this one attacked me.
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They mostly ran into steetlights. and Shot at me but I was standing still and they couln't hit me . I finally knocked them out with a ki blast, for thier own saftey the night has been peaceful since.


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