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Monday, April 03, 2006

Adventures in ( unborn ) Baby sitting

My Dad kept appearing before me and telling I had to protect Vampi. He wouldn't even let me make a sandwich. So I feel out her ki. It kind of changed since she got pregnant. But I found her.

There was these ships attacking hers. I went back to Capsule Corp and got a breathing thing . I'M put it on my mouth, and ported back. So I teleport into a one of these ships. " Hey ya! " I yell at the people in control room I smash the controls.

I transmissioned to the next one. I ki blasted the engine. The next one I just play around with the controls, It slammed into two of the other ships. Finally one ship fired this big ray while Barriss" ship went into hyper space. I turn ss4 and appear before the big ray.

" Kamehameha!" The two rays slam into into each opther I was fighting it but it was gaining ground. " Super Kaioken!" the extra power did it. The shipray was deflected back to the ship, and it blew up.

I teleported into one of the ships and talked to the captain. I read his mind to understand what he was saying. I can only read what some one wants to tell me. Unless it's Chichi.

" Hey!" I said. Why are you trying to kill my friend?"I ask. " That abomination of a child should not be born Saiyan! No matter what you try to we will kill it!"

" No you won't!" I said. " Vampi and the kid are under my protection! If you want to mess them I'll destroy each and everyone of your ships and you with them!'

" You think to threaten us saiyan?"

" Not a threat it's a promise, there was a day when I would have let you all go. But baby killing bothers me. Oh yeah I'm not the only saiyan that's watching out for her either."

A bunch of guards jump on me I knock them down with little effort. Others fired ray guns, I blasted there guns out of their hands. port out side and blast their engines.

I transmit away from there. I find Vampi being chased by a giant lizard. She got away without my help. Now they are in Hyperspace so I can't find her ki So I 'm sittng on this planet with this Jawa that keeps trying to sell me elephant looking animals. how many times do I have to say no?


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    shivers ever get the feeling your being watched


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