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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dad's weird request.

Hey Veg put me up to the rank of general. That gotta bunch of saiyans mad at me And they challenged me to a fight calling me traitor and stuff. I beat a group of them without turning into a super saiyan. And then they wanted to buy me beer . Weird.

You know Chichi is being kinda weird too. I mean she thinks now that Vegeta rules a bunch of saiyans that the world id going to be conquered by him.

I think that's silly. But you try changing her mind. My ears are ringing from the last time I tried.

My dad's ghost kind of just appeared. "So our people are making a comeback... good. I'm beginning to think It's time now yes."

So now he's talking strange was stranger than the fact that he's the ghost of the dead father I never met when he was alive.

" Time for what Bardock? I mean Dad. "

He just keeps staring off into space. " One of my children is alive fighting alongside the new king, another is in a better place....." Then he got all serious. " And one is in Hell. Kakarot I want you to borrow the Dragon Balls From Vegeta."

" Ok." I laugh. "Are you wanting to come back from the dead? That'll be cool!"

" No Kakarot. My time is done. But my other son never had a chance to reform. I want you to wish back Raditz."

" Whaaaat?" I yell. " You mean the guy that tried to get me to kill evreyone on Earth? And when I wouldn't he kidnapped Gohan who was about four In an attempt to make me?"

" yes kakarot he is also your brother he deserves a chance to find a place in the the new order. "

" I'm not so sure of that..." I mumble.

" Well Kakarot your are far more powerful than him now, and besides he will take his orders from Vegeta, He's actually quite used to it. " Then he vanishes.

Oh man I don't know about this. It seems like a really bad idea.


  • At 7:39 PM, Blogger Thomas said…

    Cmon! Bring Back Raditz! Come on Goku hes your brother!


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