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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow, This guy's tough. (continued from Veg's blog)

This Rocky looking monster with metal things mixed in is tough. He beat pretty much every saiyan on the planet . But I don't get it. His power level is about at Super saiyan 4.

After I threatened him, he laughed. " If your king will not help me destroy my creators I will hurt his people until he does!"

" What will you do after you've destroyed 'em?" I ask.

He laughs again. " Anything I want no one but them can defeat me. I could just kill whoever I want."

OK So he's a bad guy no choice but going all out. I turn SS 5. Then i see the problem all the other saiyans have fighting this guy. I punch him, and it almost breaks my hand.

Ok. No Prob. I fire a kamehameha. This gives me a chance to think for a second while he charges me I notice something, this guy's slow. It seems like carrying all that rock/metal weight is straining.

So I stand still let him punch at me, then speed out of the way. We play this game over and over Sometimes I give him a ki blast and he gets real tired breathing hard , and all that.

he keeps throwing punches though they just keep getting slower, and slower. " Ready to give up yet? " I say.

" Never ! I defeated the ( huff!) King! )(Huff!) I can beat some nobody!"

" If only you could beat me with insults then you'd totally have this fight, but I'm the one who's pretty relaxed and mellow while you can barely stand. Too bad you don't have blasts or anything huh?"

He throws a big rock at me, I side step it.he tries charging at me , and I teleport behind him. " I can do this all day. " I giggle. " I mean really it's kind of fun."

he keeps charging and swinging. While I keep dodging and firing blasts. one hits him the eye, and he screams. Well I think I found his weakness. Though the blast only stung his eyes if I wanted to I could kill him with that weakness. Lucky for him, that's kind of a last resort to me.

I wonder why Vegeta didn't notice it he always calls himself the "thinker". Maybe he just got too mad or his pride got in the way of his better judgement. Whatever I know how to beat him! I gather up energy from the sun and unleash a solar flare attack in his eyes.

While he's temporally blinded I grab onto him and teleport him off the planet to a world I've seen before that has like a lot of game and some vegetation. so it's not a death sentence. Though by the looks of him he could eat rocks. Lucky there is a bunch of those too.

" What did you do?" He demands.

" I used the Instant Transmission technique to take you to another planet, here you can live peacefully and stop hurting my friends Bye!"

I teleport back to Earth while he's screaming "Nooooooo!"

I make sure everyone is alright, when I get back. My son Goten, and Vegeta's kids are ok just bruised up.

" Goku. Where have you been ?" Trunks sputtered.

" well after the whole my sister was a skrull thing I went and did some training to clear my head. But hey if you need me from now on just call, and Goten your mother wants you to bring the babies over for tonight."

Bra snorts. " Yeah but I'm not invited am I?"

" Hey. Your part of the family now , so your invited." I whisper. " Just blame me I'll take the Chichi yelling. I'm kinda used to it by now. "

She then does this.

Weird. She seems to have taken after Bulma in some ways.

Meanwhile back on the exile planet. The Metal Ore creature gloats.

" That foolish saiyan thought he could just abandon me here? I suppose he didn't know that I have a remote for my space ship. I'll be on Earth again before It's next rotation, and I'll battle the King and force him to assist me or kill him!"


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