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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why are saiyans attacking?

Well I went to paradise Island, yeah my last post about revenge was a little much I know. I mean I was mad because well Vegeta basically cheated to beat me, and he'll always do that. But really it is a good thing, though really. I mean he does cheat to beat bad guys.

My sister followed and I got to learn about her. According to her The saiyans have been pretty much struggling to survive after Frieza destroyed our home planet. Well we fought Cyclopes and things. I learned a few new tricks that will surprise Veg head on the rematch , but no I don't want revenge, just the competition.

Well one day, while me, and Celra sparred, some strange lady came up to us, and said she something, about how we should return to the outside world, because we were needed.

Then the both of us Left, and I felt massive ki surges all around Japan. When I 'port there it's crawling with saiyans. " You lied to me!" I accuse my sister, you were the scout to some kind of invasion! "

She looks insulted. " No! I thought us, Vegeta,his mother and that Monster were the last of the full blooded. And these fools are doing the opposite of what is needed to survive! Attacking planets will just make the others in the galaxy hunt us down and wipe us out!"

I want to believe her.. but, I've been burned by siblings before. " Want to help me stop them?" I ask.

" I suppose. " She answers we land by a group. This big one glares at me. " Your the one assigned to destroy this planet huh? Kakarot? Fool!"

My Name is Goku!" I declare as he starts using his scouter to read my power level. You see most saiyans can't read ki and need these devices to tell how strong somone is, but to someone like me that can suppress his true power those things don't work.

he laughs at me. " your power level is three thousand? prepare to die little man!" I turn super saiyan breaking his scouter, and knock him out, the others call for back up, Me and sis smack them around pretty good. As she somehow turned ss as well.

" I can't believe it!" One shouts what the king told us is true! They are super saiyans!"

" Won't matter soon enough!" Another laughs making some kind of ball of light that they all stare at!

" Goku Don't look at that!" Celra commands, as all the saiyans become Giant apes, And we're in Tokyo, this isn't good! She blasts the artificial moon but it's waaay too late for that.

" I have an idea!" I tell Celra Turning SS4.

" You'll have to teach me how to reach that form." She sneers. " ok what is it?"

" Blast their tails!" I scram blasting a few.

She was offended. " Kak.... Goku that just isn't done!"

" Well it's the only way to make them turn back! we have too!"

She didn't like it, but she did it any way. After they all turned back they retreated.

As they leave I feel several high power levels behind me, It's the JLA! " Good Work Goku You save d the city, without, killing any of the saiyans!" Superman congratulates.

My sister has a weird look on her face. " That symbol on your chest your from Krypton huh?"

" Yes I am Ma'am. Most call me Superman, My name is Kal-El."

She gets out a scouter. Reads his power, than puts it back. Then she embarrasses me. " Is there a MS Kal-El?"

He blushes, and After mumbling a bit he says. " Yes. So would you like to join the rest of us in counteracting the saiyans?"

" Sure. " I yell.

Batman who was in an airplane, asks " Why did they not become super saiyans in your battle?"

" Well a super saiyan is pretty rare, or at least it was. "

" I thought so." Batman mumbles. the flight to the temporary base, was pretty quiet after that.


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