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Sunday, April 15, 2007

I can't believe I lost!

Man I've been training like crazy! Sigh I guess vegeta has an unfair advantage with that dragon flame stuff. Then again, I beat him Since he had that stuff . Hmmm I wonder if that offer Wonder Woman gave me to train at Thymascera is still good?

Maybe learning how to fight against mythic creatures and stuff will help next time I fight Mr. Grumpy. Then again, I 'm stronger now after the fight. And now I know What Vegeta will pull.

Too bad I was wanting the championship again. Oh well. Something weird happened today at the tournament. And not just Vella Flying away from two blurs screaming Their after me!"

After Brolly was defeated By Donar this girl runs out screaming. " You Killed my people!" And ki blasts Brolly. I think she's mistaking him for his evil version from our Universe.

I stop her and she surprises me by turning ss3 . " Your a saiyan? " I shout.

I transform to the same level. " Wait so are you!" She stammers, In Saiyanese. " I thought the one that was assigned to take over this planet died. "

" No that's me I kinda forgot." I laugh. Then I realize she's Saiyan she may want to take over the planet. " If your here to attack I'll stop you!" I announce.

" Nope" she responds. She points at Brolly." That monster destroyed my colony!"

" No. That one was is kinda the other one's twin. It's uh hard to explain."

" Really?" She asks. What happened to his twin. Kakarot?"

" Um I prefer Son Goku. And he's kinda been dealt with."

Vegeta walks up and commands " Who are you?"

Her eyes go wide . " Vegeta? You live? " She gets on her knees and Bows. " My King."

" Get up! I'm not the King . Still the Prince! Now where did you come from? is this going to be like Krypton? A new survivor shows up every year or so?"

"No sir." She sighs. " The colonies, that Frieza's henchmen didn't hunt down , and blow up, That monster freak crushed. There maybe one more colony left if that. You don't remember me do you? I'm your trainer's daughter. "

" The one that would kick me? " Vegeta sneers.

" Hey you bit me! Did Raditz survive Frieza's attack. "

" Yes But Kakarot killed him. When he tried to recruit him, into Frieza's Henchmen. "

" You still worked for that Bastard! After what he did to our planet? Your father? and mine? And Raditz Went along with it? He never did get along with dad but to just spit on his memory by working for his killer? "

Vegeta shrugs. " None of us had any choice in the matter. As for my father, he got better. And yours keeps appearing from the dead to annoy everyone. No I was planning to kill Frieza all along when i became powerful enough. Kakarot there beat him and left him for dead. My son ended finishing the job though."

" You have a son?" She questions.

" I actually have a few children."

I interrupt . " Hi.Um who are you?"

" Well Um Son Goku. My name is Celra. And Your my little brother.Don't worry I'm not mad at you for killing Raditz. He was a loser. Um got anything to eat?"

" Woah ! really? before I ask her anything else Yamcha freaks out, and blabbers something about Vengeance on Vegeta.


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