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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nazi Superman?

I was trying to help The others Find HS, when as Brolly was taking the pets to the vet. ( What is a vet gong to do with a zombie? I'd think someone like Dr. Strange would have to fix him. )

Well the communicator thing Henchman gave me started beeping. I answer it, " Yeah?"

" G-Goku." is all he can get out he sounds like he's being strangled. I teleport over to him.

I find him being chocked by Superman? " Supes! What are you doing?" I shout. I mean Yeah, Guy can be a bad um...guy But that's no reason to try and kill him.

He looks all confused, and asks me who I am.

" Huh?" I'm confused now. You've known me for...wait what's that on your shirt? "

I've seen that thing on his shirt before. Yeah when I was a kid Master Roshi was teaching us about this guy who tried to take over the world....Hitler! A Nazi?

" Your not Superman are you?" I say through gritted teeth, after I absorb all of this.

" I'm more of a superman, than the fool in your universe. " He sneers. " Your a saiyan aren't you? Kind of look like that soldier Bardock."

I shrug "I guess so. He is my father. Now Let him go!"

His eyes go wide. " Bardock's son? Your not Raditz, wait I get it your a guy in this universe! Oh how rich!"

" Huh?" Was all I can respond to that.

" Your name is Son something right? In my reality Your Son Goka, a pathetic saiyan freedom fighter. I must say in this reality your a lot uglier."

Ok that's weird but,I really don't care about that now. " Let my friend go!"

He laughs. " You want this filth? Take him!" He throws the Henchman at me, I catch him before he hits a wall. " You alright." I ask putting him down.

" Yeah just kick his sorry ass!" He smiles.

I nod. Nazi man has this sinister smirk. " You want to try to challenge me little saiyan? Ok let's see what you have!"

" Well I have this for you!"

Darn it! I forgot to transform into SS4. That hurt me as much as it did him!

" You hurt me you monkey!" He rubs his chin.

" You like calling people bad names dont'cha?" I shake my head sadly. " Well I let my fists , and my feet talk for me. They'll have a nice conversation After I change. "

He guffaws" Your going to change your clothes ? Before a fight?"

" Not what I meant buddy." A sly grin comes over my face as I release the power within me and become ss4.

He gasps. " The royal form! I thought only Vegeta could take it!"

" Ya know. The more I hear about your reality the less I like it." I spin kick him in the chin. This time blood comes out from his mouth. " You've hurt me again!" He protests.

" Well that's what you get for hurting people jerk!" I spit. And I see by all these soldiers here, and the Freakin' Red Skull that you hang around people that have a lot of blood on their hands! I bet you do too! Now it's time for payback for my friend and all the innocents you've hurt."

He charged me I dodge sevreal haymakes. and unleash a stinging left jab. Making him even madder. I keep using the after image technique which is pretty much me moving so fast I leave an after image.

The real Superman would have used his vision powers to see where I was, not where I used to be, but it's becoming clear that this guy is not as skilled with his powers. He may not have had as many challenges.

So this keeps up until he screams in frustration. He uses his heat vision. I teleport out of it's way and punch him in the ribs. He turns I block his elbow going to my nose then I knee him in the belly.

While he's crouching I slam him into the ground with both of my fists together.

" I 'm losing!" He cries. " I never lose!" He flies at me again, I Keep getting outta the way until finally his frustration gets the better of him. " Stand still and fight like a man!"

" He he." He turns on me and does that red eye anger thingie. His ki has went down to the right level. " I am fighting you just using my head have you ever heard of rope- a dope?"

The glazed look in his eyes tells me all I need to know. " Ok." I continue. " Well It means you get the other guy to tire himself out trying to hit you. Then when they are tired you beat them. Guess who the dope is in this situation?"

He tries to fight back, but I still pretty fresh. He misses with the freeze breathe, and I catch him with an open palm strike breaking his jaw. While he's reeling he receives a straight kick in his stomach.

Finally I bust his nose with my elbow he falls hurting. He actually sobbing. "This can't be! this can't be!" Then he does something I'm not prepared for. He flies away.

While I can fly about the same speed as he can. I really didn't think he'd run.

" Can you catch up with him Goku?" Guy inquires.

" Let me look for his ki." I concentrate and find seven Kryptonian power levels. A girl, Kara. A teenager, Kon. A little boy? Who is that ? A dog. Krypto. and two adult males. I forgot about wait there's another superman like power level but it's bizarre.

" Well I found three grown Kryptonian guys." I inform Henchman. One is weird like the opposite of Superman or something, and the other two are really alike I can teleport to them both one at a time. "

" No." Henchman responds coldly. " He then grabs the Red Skull By the neck." We have this piece of trash here. He's going to tell us where that fake Amber is, and tell me how I get my Amber back, Or I'll break evrey bone in his body."

TBC at

Magdelena and Henchman.


  • At 12:55 AM, Blogger cooltopten said…

    Something tells me that red skull is gonna be feeling some pain soon!!

  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Robin said…

    Fight that Red Skull, because if ya loose that means no more steamed dumplings.


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