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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Son Goten: My niece Isn't taken Angus' death well.

Pan's boyfriend died in a mission with the X-men. What's worse is the Dragon balls no longer work so he can't be wished back. Well today they had a funeral for him.ok they buried his sweatshirt, since they couldn't find a body.

She spent the whole time wailing, or glaring at Vincent and his girlfriend. " They don't know what they have. " She sobs. I didn't think seeing me, and Bra with each other helped either. Or Vegeta, with Bulma or Mirai with Vampi. Peter Parker, and Mary Jane. Dang there is a lot of couples here.

As the (empty) coffin. Is interred next to his dad's body. Pan. points , at HS and Laura. " This is your fault!" she screams. " If you didn't get your skanky self trapped in Hell he'd still be alive!"

HS starts " Pan that's not fair... "

X-23 just pops her claws in Pan's face. " Back off little girl." To which Pan knocks her into somebody's tomb. Before X-23 can recover, Pan grabs her ny the feet and tosses her into the sky " Kamahame...."

Gohan Stops her by grabbing her hands, while Me and HS grab the falling Laura.

" Pan!" My brother scolds. " This is not how we act young lady!"

" Dad! If it wasn't for them Angus would still alive!"

" You don't know that, it could have happened some other way. Come on lets go home. "

After that bit of unpleasantness I noticed someone odd. there one of the PRO reg heroes from the Civil War Super Shield.

" Hey man what are you doing here?" I ask.

" Just to pay my respects." He says. " We fought during the Civil War . he was a tough opponent, It's too bad he had to die so young , I guess That's what he gets for palling around with those Muties huh?"

I got a little sick to my stomach at the word "Mutie." " They don't really like being called that like us saiyans don't like the word monkey."

" Aw boy and political correctness rears it's ugly head. Hey I just got assigned to a super team In Michigan. I'm going to lead it. Yeah Goten us SHIELD guys are going to show the former "Secret Avengers" How true heroes act. "

I made an excuse to to leave , while the guy seemed to kind of stare at Angus' grave with a sort of glee. there's something off about that guy.


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    Interesting. Not the edeath thing those star PJS they're enough to even m ake Bat man go into a laughing fit.


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