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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I fight Vlad and all I get is my lousy t- shirt torn up.

Ok Quick update Chichi's not as mad as she was last time I posted, I think the whole Vampi turning on me , then Pantha suggesting a three way thing just got her all riled up.

Now that we know that wasn't the real Vampi, she's her normal self again. Though she still doesn't like Bra, and she wants me to stay away from Pantha. Ok When I heard that Vlad was behind all this Draculina stuff. I teleported ahead of everyone else.

Vlad seems to think I can't find his Ki. He's so wrong. I appear in front of him, and tell him, " I warned you what would happen if you messed with Vampi again. "

" Bah! As If I was afraid of you !" he spits and jumps me. I turn SS2 ,and the fight's on. He's actually somewhat a good fighter, if a bit tricky. Evreytime I cornered him he would sic bats or wolves at me.

I didn't like hurting the animals, but I had to get them out of the way. Then Mr. Blood sucker summons a storm I didn't know he could do that. First lightning bolt hurts like heck, the rest I use Instant Transmission to get away from.

I appear behind Drac pull him by his cape and punch him in the nose. He knees me in the groin, then tries to bite me. I jam my power pole fighting staff in his maw.

He holds his broken teeth. " Blast! You idiot!" He then turns to mist as His castle is blown up by I later found out the Junior Justice League kids. The whole mist thing sucked.

I mean he would just turn to Vlad for a second, then kick me in the back or something. After about three times of this , I 'port behind him ,and show him how it feels as soon as he becomes, a person, um vampire alien.

Sometime during all this , Superman shows up and heat visions the mist hurting Vlad I'm going to have to remember that, next time I fight the guy I'll Kamehamaeha blast him.

So at this point this happens.

So I'm trying out a new more dramatic way of talking so sue me! He said something about using up too much energy Summoning the storm then misting. To be able to do it again then he sneers "So I'll tear you apart with my bare hands. "

The fight got really good! He's not bad at hand to hand, at some point He has me in a head lock. I hear Vegeta's Gravelly voice call out " Kakarot ! You Clown!What are you doing playing with him !? Finish that fool off!"

Darn Vegeta , why do I take so much abuse from him? I mean he's really hard to be friends with sometimes. Oh well next Budokai I get the chance to put him through some abuse. I can control my ss5 transformation he can't hehehehe.

Or maybe I should just sic the Destroyer on him? It doesn't like him any way. Well the reason I stayed at SS2 is because I don't want to drain all of my power every fight I have.

Whatever I turn SS4 and blow up Vlad who's then floating around as a torso ! Oh man that's weird! He stops fighting me. ( Good because he was half the man he used to be. Hehhehehehehehehe!) To watch The Vampi 'Lina fight.

He accidentaly gets the wrong one with his servants ( I've seen a torso pick up a woman and fly of, I may have seen everything now. ) It's nice to have the old Vampi back. I can do without people spitting on me.


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