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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Saving Trunks from himself.

Yes that's right Son Goten in tha House! All Part of my plan to be in more blogs than anyone else ! Ok Not really The Old man just now figured out how to invite people.

Ok well it all started. When I was drinking my morning coffee, and having to listen to Bra, And Mom scream at each other. The fun! Then Marron runs in crying about Trunks being controlled by Vampi.

" That Vampirella is just showing her true colors!" my Mom screeches.

Bra hugs Marron, and shakes her head at mom. " It's not Vampi It's her sister."

" Oh?" Mom snorts. " And how do you know? "

" Because Joe Fixit told us."

" Oh yes! You listen to a paid Mercenary why again? "

" Enforcer! Not mercenary! " Bra yells . Though I'm personally not sure there's all that much of a difference. But Fixit seems to have some kind of a uncle thing going on with my wife. So she defends him . Weird since he doesn't seem to like her brother. At least I hope it's a uncle thing.

My Mom looks at Marron, and whispers in my ear. " Krillian's daughter is such a sweet girl , Why didn't you end up with her?"

" Because she's been hung up on Trunks since forever?" I ask .Not sure mom would think Marron was such a good girl, if she knew about what happened when we were all teenagers.

So yeah Trunks was with her the whole night , and I just got to kiss her. Worst three way ever ! Well it was actually a two way with me watching like a doofus. Probably when she first started her crush on trunks . Though Yeah I have actually Hit that.

Just once. And Marron criticized my performance. At least Bra seems to like it. You know that's the problem with being Trunks' best friend growing up the girls always seemed to like him.

After getting out of this s train of thought, I tell mom " Besides I'm not leaving Bra especially now."

" What's so special about now ?" She counters.

" Bra will tell you when she's ready!" Actually after this current crisis is over. She Doesn't want to add to all this junk. As my mom leaves my house in a huff. ( She really never leaves any other way. Poor Dad is going to be in for it today.)

Bra drags me into a corner. "We're going to have to catch Trunks. Not just for Marron's sake but for his . Draculina is going to end up killing him."

" Ok sure. " I answer I call Nick Fury, and ask for the day off. I tell him the situation , and he agrees Trunks needs to be stopped. Luckily Mirai Been captured By Superman.

You know this is why I like working with Fury, more than Stark. Iroman would either refuse to give me the day off, or force his way in on this. Yeah Nick already has my vote Natasha !

Bra calls her older brother. On his cell phone. She asks him to meet at a place outside Dark Town, where Crime Alley is. When he shows he looks really pale. I don't know much about the whole vampire thing, but I know he doesn't look well.

I hear their conversation. Bra is trying to tell him that's the woman he's been screwing ain't Vampi , and he's too mind controlled to even listen.

Bra says" your not going anywhere! I'm not letting get killed. Sorry Big Bro but your not in your right mind right now."

Trunks laughs. " You couldn't stop me Sis. Even if you weren't in your condition. I'm a SS4 And your not!"

She grins. "actually I am now I guess all that training Dad put through paid off. Unlike you Mr. Lazy! You only got to SS4 Because , you and Mirai were blasted by a bunch of rays. Oh yeah wanna know something cool? I don't get that gross body hair. I guess it's a guy thing." then she transforms in front of him.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" What? How? Your stronger than me?"

" That's because your lazy! But don't worry I'm not going to beat you up you know why. But Goten back there will. "

I punch him, after transmitting in front of him. " That's for cheating in the kid's Boudakai all those years ago!" Well that didn't help me feel better about it. I mean he was sick, and pale . To really even the score I have to beat him at his best. At the next Boudakai. And I've training with both SHIELD and Dad.

Ok So Trunks is now in the Adamantium cell at Capsule Corp. The problem is how do we keep 'Lina from getting to him?


  • At 3:57 PM, Blogger Frau Madgalena said…

    Looks like Vampi got in the cage

  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger Kid Flash said…

    I know how to stop the villian!
    Leave a trail of apple pies that lead to to a wooden cage!
    Kid Flash


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