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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Uh wow I'm sleeping in the Dojo....Again.

Oh boy..... I confronted Pantha And she responded with things . Things I guess I shouldn't have discussed with Chichi.

" That horrible alien whore!" she shouts. Making my ears ring, again. " I can't believe Bulma is going along with this! You know she was better off when she was with Yamcha!"

I shrug. " She doesn't seem to think so."

" that's because she's all enamored with this sick lifestyle she's leading with that sick alien bastard!"

" Hey I'm from the same planet he is!"

She shakes her head " You were raised by a human Goku not like the evil midget! You know what I think you should help Yamcha defeat Vegeta!"

"Why should I do that ?" I'm completely confused here. Yamcha my friend , and a good fighter, but recently I dunno I guess he's lost touch with reality .

" Because " Chichi grins " yamcha is good for Bulma. When they get back together, it will eliminate all this three way business. Then You can help me break up Goten and girl Vegeta." She's been calling Bra that Alot latley

" You haven't seen Yamcha lately have you?" I ask.

" No why?" She seems puzzled.

" Well last time I saw him, he was wearing a tin foil hat on his head, and he was talking to people that weren't there."

" He was just joking Goku." She says .

" Um I'm pretty sure he wasn't."

" Whatever Goku! Hey that's a great idea. " I don't like the look that goes over her face. " After you make Vegeta leave the planet. You can get rid of that skank Pantha and Vampirella , whose actions toward you lately have just really shown her true colors."

Man I really don't like this plan. " Chichi first off Vampi is here to stop the Vampires....."

" Oh Please !" she snorts. " That's just hyperbole. It's not like you couldn't stop any of those blood sucking wimps!"

" Hyper....Huh?"

" Never mind Hon. Yes I can see it now you could usher in a new golden age without all these bad influences!"

I shake my head. " What right do I have to decide who lives on Earth? I'm not fighting anyone unless there's a good reason."

" But The perfect reason is the fact they are corrupting us! Our children! Bulma!"

" ok Our kids are grown, And what Pantha is doing now that I think of it doesn't hurt anybody. Bulma was always kind of like that. And something's off with Vampi. Maybe it can be fixed somehow. Also veg has helped me save the world a few times, and the Universe once. "

"He's only helped for his own selfish reasons! Goku I demand You go out there and start getting this scum off the planet!"

" No. Who's next Mutants?"

" Don't be stupid. Are you going or not?"

" No. I'm not attacking people for no reason."

And that's why I'm sleeping in the Dojo. Oh well better than the couch I guess.


  • At 5:54 AM, Blogger Pantha said…

    I am not a skank...

    um... Brolly... isnt with you is he... What? no no I am not falling in love I have you know I never fall in love

  • At 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    somone needs to remind CHI CHI of the age of eternal darkness....

    And except recently my mother has been nothing but super nice to her...

    I am sorry sinsei but you wife is out of line to be talking about my mom like that

  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger Son Goku said…

    Sigh Chichi Wants to answer you both so here she goes, I'm sorry about this.

    Pantha: no your A whore who dated who gos arounf scrwing evreything that walks , and worse yet yoafter you had your way with my sweet Goten you oushed him in the arms of Bra, Who acts more and more like her Father evrey day!

    Hot stuff. Bah! The Age of eternal darkness only happened because The Civil War had distracted evreyone . My Goku, or say The Sentry could have stopped the vampires faster than I can snap my fingers! So it's not really that Vampirella was all that great, just that evreyone was busy with that stupid Registration Act.

    Yes she was nice enough, but after that stunt she pulled in the hospital getting into a fight with Goku , and insulting , well her true colors have been shown,i now know all her niceness was an act , and she needs to go!


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