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Friday, November 03, 2006

My new sparring partner.

Man! I was disappointed in how Goten did against Brolly. I mean One punch! Goten Was ss4 as well. Ok though he was showing off for Bra, and that may have cost him but, for Brolly to knock out an SS4 that's major power.

So I Decided I needed to get some major training in before tomorrow. Though I I already trained some in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber , I was mostly teaching my students.

My first instinct was Vegeta, but well he doesn't like being alone with me. What I need is a sparring partner that at class 100 strength, who'll go with me in the Time Chamber so I can get better. I teleported to Joe Fixit's to see if I he would train with me.

When I start yelling for him this suit of armor gets up and starts lumbering toward me.

I get into fighting stance. And the metal person knuckle bumps me , and gives me a Fonzy like thumbs up. So I glare at it trying to figure out where I've seen it before. The n it hits me It's the Destroyer!

I wonder why it's acting like I'm one of it's friends. Oh well! I'm always lookin, for a new pal!

" Hey Destroyer?" I ask it. " You wanna come up to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Spar?"

It nods" Yes"

Cool! I bet after a year in a day of training with this robot I'll make mincemeat outta Brolly!


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