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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A few days off.

I went to Vampi's 200th post party., With Chichi, Gohan, Pan And Videl. Goten and Mirai were there. There was a tense moment where they stared at each other, luckily they didn't fight.

I dunno this is all so wrong. We should all be teaming up to fight the bad guys, not each other. Oh well at least the party was fun. Though I seen more of Superboy then I ever wanted to, when he did a strip tease. With Vampi. Yeah they were both Drunk. I'm so glad Superman stopped it before it went too far.

I had spoke to Noel, after that weirdness. She told me I shouldn't blame myself for what happened to Zebb. I know I shouldn't But I can't help it sometimes. I'm glad she's feeling better though.

Me and Chichi had decided to stay at Sky City for a few days, While Gohan had said something about unfinished business on Earth, I'm afraid he's going to get himself back into the war at home . I hope not.

anyway a day or so go I felt, something. A fight between to powerful ki's on a nearby planet, Naboo or something. I was going to get it on it, when Chichi screamed at me not too.

" Haven't you had enough fights lately? This is our vacation, and we should spend it together, Not with you going out to save every kitten in every tree." Then her voice softened. " Whatever it is it'll sort it's self out. The Universe won't blow up if you take a little time off."

I guess she's right Besides I do need to spend time with her. Free Image Hosting -


  • At 7:37 PM, Blogger Son Goten said…

    Glad you and mom are having fun

  • At 12:44 AM, Blogger HOLG said…

    I'm sorry to inform you that Noel has been killed.

    There will be a funeral for her, but a time hasn't been set yet.

  • At 10:46 PM, Blogger Son Goku said…

    Oh mAn I wish I din't hear that.


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