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Friday, September 08, 2006

Civil War: prisoner of war pt 1

As The News said, My son Gohan is has been arrested because of this Registration Act. Now I'm a law abiding citizen and all, but this law, stops people from doing the right thing.

Vegeta Decided to make the situation worse, by challenging the country. I dunno. I was thinking of just going back to Japan.

I can teleport here if I'm needed but I'll tell you the truth my old home out in the mountains sounds good right about now. I like West City and all. But I'm not letting guys who change their opinions to get votes tell me what to do. And I'm not letting them keep Gohan.

I don't care who's getting in my way or what I have to do I'm freeing Gohan. If I have to fight Thor, Warbird, Wonder Man , or any one else I'll beat them! On to other things. Boy is Chichi mad at Goten.

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She actually slapped him during breakfast." How could you do that to your Brother? "

" Hey!" he said rubbing his chin. " He's being dumb! A few days In prison will convince him to register."

Chichi screamed more , but I didn't know if there was even words in it anymore. I Got ready to go fight. And Chichi came out like this , not again!Free Image Hosting -

" I'm helping you get Gohan out!"

" No your not! I know you was a warrior at one time, but You haven't fought in years, and these guys have super powers."

" After arguing for a little bit , she finally said, Well your not Going alone!"

" I guess I'll get Trunks to help me . Since Goten is on the Pro reg side ! Man I wish I wasn't dead for the first few years of his life, then he wouldn't be making these kinds of mistakes."

She rubs my face " You can't blame yourself for what Goten does. He's a grown man and he's making his own mistakes. I just wish he didn't involve Gohan in his latest one."

" Chichi vegeta called he said that Vampi may be going to Sky City. You think that Maybe Pan can take you there and see if we can Get her to come back? Offer her a room in our place at Japan? "

" I don't know she answers., Maybe as long as Master Roshi doesn't show up."

I laugh "Yeah let's not tell him . Oh yeah could you tell me about Noel, and how she's doing?"

" Sure Goku. I 'll call Pan."

I 'port Over to Capsule Corp , and ask Trunks if he wants to help me , he says yes immediately . So Now to free Gohan!Free Image Hosting at


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