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Monday, September 11, 2006

Prisoner of war Finale

Me, Trunks, Spidey, and Angus watched as they put people into the Negative Zone. Free Image Hosting -

We jumped on the carrier things once in the Zone I felt Gohan's Ki immediately .I started going towards It . I telepotred in , was swamped by a bunch of losers . In green armor.

Trunks states "Man these guardsman suck," He kicks them around. " Stark definatly kept the cool stuff for himself." Trunks was right their blasts barely hurt. They are fighting was ok but the armor was too heavy to bother me .

we all knocked them out pretty easily. I after wading through a bunch of losers. We finally get to where Gohan is I see the Black Widow there with Gohan and a Asian Woman. I think I recognize her, Oh yeah Shi.

Free Image Hosting -

" What are you People doing here?" she asks.

" I think you know." says Trunks. Now let him out or we'll free him ourselves."

" Your only going to make this worse on yourselves." she let's out though grinding teeth."

" No we're going back to Japan, you can't touch us there.' I shout " Now let's do this without anyone getting hurt ok."

All the sudden these people are teleported in . It was SuperGirl Free Image Hosting -

A guy that looks like Spider-man kind ofFree Image Hosting -

And of course Wonder loserFree Image Hosting - ready for a another beating , does the pro reg side have any one else? Williams glares at Trunks . " I'm going to tear you apart!"

Trunks laughs "Dude! Is there anyone in my family that hasn't beat you up yet? Maybe after I take you down you can fight , and lose to my mom." Wondy charged angrily and ended up with Trunks' fist in his face. Black Widow went after Angus who I hear has strange powers.

Meanwhile I'm going to have to fight the girl of steel. Unlike her cousin she's not very good at using her powers. Mean she just flies, and swings, Well that's what I thought any way until she caught, me with a spin kick.

" So someone taught you how to fight a little bit huh?" I say.

" Yeah I was trained by amazons. For a few months." She says pridefully.

" That's good." I answer . " But a few months training, won't help you against a guy who's learned from the Universe's best . But at least this fight won't be as boring as I thought it would be." I say as I hit her with a side kick in the ribs.

Mean while Spidey, was fighting um, Spidey. The fake Spidey's shoulders came out with these leg thingies. Spidey yelled " Woah! Are you another clone or something because you know I've had enough of those."

They almost had the same They were fighting almost equally. Until The real Wall crawler webbed the fake one's face. Then he spun more webbing around the fake and slammed it into wonder man . Who guess what? Koed Wondy at the same time .

When Red and gold Spidey fell apart . " What the? I, I didn't mean too...."

" I wouldn't worry about It Spider-man . " Declared Trunks . " That thing was nothing more than a Life Model Decoy."

" A wha?" I ask .

" A sophisticated robot Goku. So that's why we have rumors of Spidey fighting along side Iron man... Man you SHIELD guys are pieces of work, aren't you?"

Angus had the Black Widow on the ropes when she started firing these stinger things I caught some them. Super girl Heatvisoned me. And I knocked the wind out of her with a Kamehameha.

Then a phone or something , rang in widow's ear , she seemed pretty mad then she yelled , " It seems your Prince has friends in low places, Black Adam has threatened war, if we do not release Gohan, so take your damned son!"

" We were going to any way, what's miss Ishikawa doing here?" I ask/

" She is your little friend Shi." spits Widow .

" No she's not." Trunks stated. " In fact I've seen the two together, You have the wrong woman missy."

trunks winks at Shi and I teleport evereyone back. Later In Japan Gohan says " This feels unfair you know ?"

" That wwhole war was unfair son but hey now you don't have to worry about no more. " I tell him.

" That's not what I mean dad, what I mean is It's unfair that miss ishikawa has to stay locked up . I'm thinking I should be out there helping Captian America instead of hiding in another country."

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