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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


After I separated from the fusion with Vegeta, Chichi was really nice to me.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The other day Vegeta, asked me to take him, and Mirai, to Vampi. Veg married the two of them. Then I went to make sure Vlad kept his word on leaving Vampi alone.

It took me a few days to finally find him. He has fakes, and losers take his place. So I Destroyed a bunch of Vampire clans until I find the real one. It looks like he's found someone to block his ki signature from me.

So I just started blasting Vampire houses until I find him. After I dust all of his Servants we face each other. " So what does the idiot saiyan want with me?"

" I just want to make sure your a man or monster of your word is all " I shoot back.

" What pray tell could you mean?" he acts like I don't know about his promise.

" Are we going to play some kind of goofy game here? Because Ya know I have other things to do besides this. "

" Well it seems information has come to my attention that future boy, may have mind controlled Vampi into loving him, so that means all bets are off."

I shake my head " If your talking about Yamcha he's lost touch with what's real. His heart's in the right lace, but he's too crazy to realize he should find a new girl. And you have the same kinda thing but you don't have being kooky as an excuse. I just feel sorry for you."

He strikes at me yelling" I don't need your pity!"

I land a strike on his chest cracking it. Then I throw a straight kick knocking him back. " ya know You'd get hurt a lot less if you quit your evil ways."

" What Prattle from the moron! There is no " evil" that is just a label the weak put on those who are strong enough to take what they want!"

" Hm. Bad guys always make up excuses like that to say what they are doing isn't wrong. But at the end of the day your not fooling anyone but yourselves."

" Now your a psychiatrist? Your one to talk about evil Ok tell me Mr so called 'hero' how many of us 'badguys ' have you killed?"

Now he's trying to mess with my conscience? " I gave everyone I killed a chance to change they just laughed at my face. Or were to insane or dumb to understand. I did what I did to save lives. Yes it bothers me but when it does I look at the people who are going along with their normal lives, and I think they can because I stopped some nut from blowing up the planet. That makes me feel good."

" So stupid!" Vlad spits. " Look what those same people think of you! They call you alien , and freak they tried to make you their weapon in the Civil War."

" They made a mistake in the War I admit. But people get scared sometimes. The whole War was about them trying to feel safe. Then they realized they were wrong, and they changed it. Rather they know it or not I serve them. I don't care what they call me though I doubt a lot of people really call me anything bad."

" All that power, and you don't rule this world your a fool! I will have this world , And Vampirella as my Bride!"

" No you won't." I answer. " Because I'll be here to stop you. I can live as long as you can , and even if I'm gone My children will be here to fight you."

" Vampirella is Mine ! " he raves . " You don't have any right to tell me anything!She's not even part of your family!"

I turn " She's my friend that's enough ."

I turn around, and was just about to teleport away when he starts to fire some magic energy I wheel around " KAMEHAMEHA!" The blast fries him up pretty good I didn't use enough to blast destroy him for however long he stays dead.

" Remember keep your word, and we just have a normal good guy bad guy thing, mess with Vampi, and it becomes personal." I vanish and reappear back home.


  • At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    somehow I think he will never stop Sinsie

  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger Count Dracula said…

    fine he can have Vampirella



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