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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Taking the Dragonballs back.

Well the Dragonballs are acting well weird. So I took them back to Dende. H e said they 've been activating on and off sevral times over the last year. Since The Spectre messed up Magic.

" it's agood thing you brought them to me Goku. I wouldnt have let you use them if it hasn't been for all the good yu've done over the years. "

" It's not like you could have stopped vegeta from using them, or me Dende I was going to bring my son back no matter what."

" But Goku if they were used too much we could you could end up fighting Shadow Dragons again!"

I jusI laugh at that " I wouldn't mind going a few rounds with Omega Shenron again."

I fly off And find my self a nice little mountain. And look for Mirai's Ki. After about five hours I gave up . He's not anywhere I can find him . Or he's hiding. I don't see why'd he do that though.

Well I gave up I'm now going back to the far far away Galaxy to help find Noel. I just hope When I come back Brolly isn't waitng for me again .


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    this is strange


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