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Friday, July 14, 2006

Me vs. Brolly

I looked at the scene of carnage Brolly left. He killed Goten, Bra, And according to Bulma Mirai, and Vampi. " Brolly why? You always hated me. Why did you hurt them?"

" Hhahahahhahahahahahahaha! You don't get it kk........Goku. I am a true saiyan! I kill for the fun of it."

" You think this is fun?" I point at my son's body. " Your less than an animal! You need to be put down! Everything else I've fought wanted power but your more evil than all of them put together."

" Quiet 'Goku 'and die!" He charges at me I power up to the 4 th level and land a left jag to set up a right cross. He just laughs. " That's it? ......That's as strong as you've gotten after all this time? This will be easy."

He slams me into the ground. Then picks me up and locks a bear hug. I call up a Solar Flare Which blinds the jerk. While he's recovering I fire a Kamehameha blast. He just walks out of it slightly burned.

"You gotta be kidding me!" I say to my self. I knee him in the face and he just grunts he hits me in the ribs. I feel them crack gut I catch his arms and hit several pressure points. His tree trunk of an arm is paralyzed.

Ok I have the advantage now , and I take all of raining punches and kicks. He bleeds and bruised. He grabs my throat with the other arm and throws me away from the scene I then get hit by several blasts of ki.

He stomps on my while face mocking me " I.... Am the Hope of the Universe .......I am the one that the weak cry out for ..... You are nothing! You make all these pretty little speeches. Action talks not words."

Wait a minute. I've never said that to Brolly, I've only said that to " Frieza! He's the one who's been helping you! But why would you help him he killed our race!"

" If.......He didn't I would have..... I don't care about Frieza .....But he fears you. He wants you dead...And Vegeta.... And your kids....... So do I.....So right now .... We are on the same page.......But after I kill you .....He's next! "

Wait a second I thought the henchman worked for frieze! But you tried to kill him as well."

" He......Got in the way.......Besides Frieza wanted to kill him himself for the flirtation of.......With the blue Jedi......Frieza thinks women are to reproduce .....and to die after..There purpose is done.....Me I .... Don't care any way....I just want to fight... And kill.....Henchman is a disappoint ....ment to Frieza..."

Good I got him to talk long enough to power up A Super Kaioken. I slam him with a spin kick. He falls to his knees I finally hurt him! Well I've been hurting him but this was the first time he actually seemed to register it. He head butted me we put several shots on each other. Then my kaioken ran out.

My super saiyan 4 form also burned up. I was easy pickings for this weirdo who stalked towards me. Then a blast knocked him into the ground then another and another. Until Brolly was covered in debris.

" Well the Great Kakarot is beaten by this freak as well I see."

" Thanks Vegeta! You don't look so good."

" I wasn't trying to save you Clown! I was getting some measure of revenge for what he did to my sons and daughter."

" Whatever Veg. So you look as bad as I feel."

" Yes I am so glad you decided to comment on it. Damn it! We can't stop him . He's gotten so much stronger. He's a machine And he's pure evil! Wait he's pure evil. Yes Magdelena passed out when she was near him that's the answer!"

" What are you talking about Vegeta?"

" Kakarot King Kai told me I could not I could not create a Spirit Bomb because of the evil that was left over in my heart. You need to be pure because It destroys evil."

" Ok still not.... wait a minute a Spirt Bomb would completely destroy him! But he won't just stand there and let me gather up the power."

" That is ok Kakarot. I think I can gather up enough ki to go SS5 for a few minutes. Just as long as the people of Earth don't act as stupid as they did during the Buu fight that should be enough time."

" Veg I need to gather it from the whole Universe to kill him like I did with Omega Shenron!"

Brolly bursts out of the debris.

" Enough of the History lesson Kakarot ! Go gather the energy! "

"But Vegeta! If you go SS5 you'll go insane!"

" Maybe I need to be crazy as Brolly is to contend with him . I suggest you get busy Clown because I'm doing this rather you like it or not! I'll only be insane for a few minutes now make the Damn Spirt Bomb! Damn it ! I wish I could heal like Logan does. Bah! I'll have enough left I have too! For Bra! For Mirai!" Rarrrrrgh!"

I float up and talk to contact King Kai telepathically " Hey can you contact everyone in the universe again?"

" Yup your on kid Go for it!" he replies.

I yell at the top of my lungs. " everyone please give me some of your energy!" I put my hands up in the air While Vegeta and Brolly clash below me.


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