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Friday, March 31, 2006

The school's finished!

First off I took Vampi's advice, and had Goten focus on something besides me. A plate of chicken fingers, roast beef sandwich, and fries. I teleported and he found me immediately. Then I had him find Bra he found her quickly , but didn't come back for hours.

Now I'm going to have to see If I can get him to 'port to Drakulon . Any way we finished the school today , with the help of super science, strength and speed.
Bulma was a little slow with the the Gravity room, her hand was bandaged. When I asked why she said she " put a smackdown on a homwrecking bitch."

fortunately Trunks was there to help, and he didn't switch personalities. Now Gentle men and ladies Behold Son Goku's Dojo!

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Dende even helped us with an opening into the hyperbolic time chamber dimension.

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Here's or swimming pool. For Water training and fun!

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Hey! Who are you people ? Get out!

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Check out the basket ball court.

Well, now we need some students later. All!


  • At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    it looks great I cant wait to get in the pool


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