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Monday, March 27, 2006

Arrrgh! Vegeta tagged me!

Stupid Vegeta tagged me. So Here is what I say to him.

That and I found this video that makes fun of him while looking at the Picard Song. Over at his blog Enjoy! heheheheheheheehehe!

I might as well get the meme over with I guess.

1. Favorite Chocolate(Dark, White, Milk): All the above!

2. Favorite Pizza Toppings:Ooooh! Pizza I'm hungry!

3. Favorite Food: Anything!

4. Favorite Cheese Type: Cheese is good.

5. Favorite "Pirate" Word or Phrase: Walk the plank ye scurvy dog!

6. Music Genre: Anything I can train to.

7. Favorite Music Artist:I dunno

8. What are you listening to now?: Goten telling me how much he loves Bra

9. Favorite Movie Genre: Superhero action

10. Favorite Movie: Not slither that movie looks dumb.

11. Favorite TV show: Naruto DBZ

12. Favorite Console Game: DBZ tenkaichi; Hulk Ultimate destruction

13. Favorite Computer Game: Hmmmmm I dunno Fable?

14. Favorite Board Game: Monopoly

15. Ever play Dungeons and Dragons?: Yes

16. Where are the Cheetos?: In my belly

17. Can I have a Mountain Dew?: No! It's mine!

18. Believe in some sort of higher power?: yes

19. How many of these quizzes have you ever taken, email or blogs, in your net-surfing career?: Hmmm let's see 1, 2, 3, ummmmmm I don't know.

20. On a scale of banana to zebra, banana being "pink polka-dotted slippers" and zebra being "WTF?", how surreal would a guy taking a shower in a tub full of brightly coloured wrenches and monochromatic cat toys be?: I don't want to talk about that.

21. Have any pets?: no

22. If yes on 21, what is the silliest thing you have seen them do?: Godzilla fought me once.

23. You think Karnov should have ended this quiz 20 questions ago?: If he wants to

24. Ever Play 20 Questions?: No

25. Think I get bored on my lunch breaks?: How can you be bored at lunch?

26. Who would win in a fight between Mr. T, Chuck Norris, and that giant robot from that one goofy Beastie Boys Video?: I dunno , but I want in that fight.

27. Could you conceivably use a Terrabyte Harddisk?: What is that ? can you eat it?

28. HAH! HAH! I ACTUALLY HAVE A 28th QUESTION!!1! (Unfortunately it is more of a statement): Ok moving along

29. Paper or Plastic?: If you put plasctic on your head you can't breathe so paper.

30. Who will you tag to take this quiz next (Pick 1-5)? I'm not tagging anyone


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