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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hutts and Tagging

While Vampi went to Endor, (better her then me I hate ewoks.) Holg sent me to The hutts place on Tatooine. I was shocked to find a trailer park? Huh. Then they come out.

" AAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Redneck hutts!!!!!!!!!" I scream.

" AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Monkey man with big hair!!!!!!!" They yell back.

After getting over or intitial surprise of one another, they told me they were beating up this guy who was involved in the kidnapping.

" Why don't you try the tickle tourture? " I ask.

" Yeah , you stay out here while we do the interrogatin' ok?"

So while waiting, I decided to do this Meme Vegeta tagged me with. I wish he would stop doing that.

1. Other than yourself, pick the contestant that remains in Last Gladiator Standing you think will win? I'm not on LGS. They said two saiyans was too much I guess Maggie.

2. What's your favorite color of Pink?I thought pink was the color pink? hmmmmmmm.

3. What's your favorite episode of Golden Girls? That show gave me nightmares.

4. If you were Anna Nicole Smith, what would you do with your child?Train it. oh no wait that's what I would do. She'd probably give it beer or something.

5. How many figures am I holding up? Huh?

6. Decipher this code: *66hsther;o adthaodf stop. I don't have my decoder ring sorry.

7. What's wrong with this Meme? It shows up where it isn't wanted.

8. Create your own question and answer it Huh? oh.

9. What's your wrestler name? The Monkey King

10. Do you have a man crush on Luke Cage? uh no.

12. Are you the weakest link? (pouts) No I'm not!
13. Are you prepared for the Dalek invasion over here? Daleks! Stop your evil ways!

14. Switch lives with one blogger for a year? I like my life.

15. Who has the best sidekick in LGS? Maggie's looks tasty!

16. If you watched the season finale of Doctor Who, what did you think?: It was ok.

17. Do you know who Lookwell! Is? No.

18. Tag 3 people you wouldn't share socks with. No.


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