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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mirai Calm down!!!!!

I finally got the info from the Hutts I left it at Sky City, and left a message saying they should call me when they need me.

OH man! I have missed home and Chi chi , and her cooking so much. I can't wait to see how everyone's doing. I wonder if Veg is still on that show? Well I teleport home but all the sudden I feel three large kis.

I go to investigate the one at Capsule Corp. Mirai was trying to get into a ship,while Bulma was trying to stop him." Goku help me!" she gets out of the way I pull out of the ship " Hey Mirai! What's up?"

"That.. That Simon is basically calling mother a whore! I'm going to shut his mouth!"

" your all mad about that loser? " I say. " C'mon Mirai he's not worth it."

He screams " You won't stop me!" he swings wild. His anger dulling his fighting skills. I throw a punch back but stop in mid swing when Bulma yells " Don't you hurt him Goku!"

Of course that doesn't stop Mirai from hitting me in the gut. " Bulma he's hurting me !"

" Stay out of my way Goku! I don't want to fight you!" He turned around I grabbed him in a sleeper hold. Finally he went out which is a good thing a punch that would hurt me would break Simon.

I just Hope when Mirai wakes up he 'll be a little more reasonable.


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