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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I can't take Buu anywhere.

I heard about Noel the Sky City's owner vanishing, Well I went to investigate. I made the mistake of taking Majin Buu with me. You see Sky City is in a Galaxy Far far away.

The Problem is though I have been in this galaxy and Ski city..... I haven't met Noel so um I don't know her Ki, Now I guess I have to just do blind ports I hate that.

My first 'port I see this,

It was pretty scary But I don't say anything, But Buu just has to " You ugly Me no like!"

Her boyfriend doesn't seem to happy about it .

Now the rest of the fight will be shown In " Son Goku's Action Figure Theatre! In Plastic Vision!!!!!!!

First they square off and Buu shrinks the wookie. ( No I'm not saying this because that's the only sized wookie toy I have.)

The Wookie zaps Buu who just reforms.

Buu's happy and dancing around like an idiot.
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This annoys the hairy guy who shoots him again.

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And this is the result.

I'm pretty mad about this
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That and the fact Goten painted my living room all white since I took the last picture.

Anyway a whole bunch of Bigfoot like aliens chased us. I teleported us back to Earth. I'm going to try another blind 'port later today. I'm not going to take Buu with me either.


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